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The Babylon 5 appreciation thread

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  • The Babylon 5 appreciation thread

    Last week, I found my box with all my old B5 vids. I'd misplaced it moving house, so I've just watched Z'Ha'Dum, and all of series 4 & bits of five. My question is: Why on EARTH can I not buy all of B5 on DVD!. It simply has to be the most important small screen sci-fi ever. And it was all shot in dolby, with options for wide screen... it should be a breeze making it on DVD. Grrr... the apathy of some corporations makes me shake with rage.

    But thats beside the point of this thread: B5 was immense. Sure, it was corny at times, and the acting wasnt always 100%, but if you have any vids, dig them out & tell me you dont miss it dearly. One of the few series that managed to run a full arc (and more) and still have something left to give.

    Thank goodness for Kazaa in the meantime.
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      Originally posted by babybatter

      I hear ya.


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        Man, where has all the culture gone.
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          I know star trek is my usual source for high culture.

          (runs out of the room just before rolling on the floor howling like a man kicked in the stones)


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            I hear you - I still have half of series 4 and all of series 5 on tape somewhere.

            They have released series 1 on dvd.


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              I liked that series more than Star Trek. It depicted a darker future than the utopian Earth in Star Trek. I've taped nearly all the episodes.

              Season 1 has been released on DVD, I've even seen it at Wal Mart.

              I'm sure the other seasons will soon be released.


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                Babylon 5?

                NERDS !
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