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The Christmas Strat

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  • The Christmas Strat

    Here's the Texas Special Fat Strat we picked out for my buddy for his Christmas present from his wife.

    Totally beautiful, great fit and finish. It's as nice a Strat as I've seen, better than my nicest MIJ which was a jewel, with better hardward. And the sound is wonderful.

    I'm ALMOST jealous, but when the Callaham is finished I'll be O.K. (sniff)

    Thanks to all those who made some input into the selection process. He's a happy camper.

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    Me Likey......
    HCGB trooper #187
    A severed foot is the ultimate stocking stuffer.


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      VERY nice Strat that is!

      Anyone who is disturbed by the idea of newts in a nightclub is potentially dangerous. - Frank Zappa


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        Originally posted by NervePoet
        VERY nice Strat that is!

        I couldn't believe it, one piece swamp ash body, the "best" of the Fender hardware including Schaller tuners, Texas Special single coils and a Seymour "Pearly Gates" humbucker.

        The fingerboard edges are rolled, it has a 9.5" fretboard radius, medium "jumbo" frets, and the knobs/pickguard are a really rich "aged" looking white/cream color.

        And for just over $1K. I had thought that the current Fender stuff was improving in quality, this confirms it in spades. It's every bit as nice as "Custom Shop" stuff from a few years ago.


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          Except for the gaudy pickguard, it looks nice. I like the cherry sunburst finish.


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            Originally posted by Ove
            Except for the gaudy pickguard, it looks nice. I like the cherry sunburst finish.

            I'm usually put off by the "pearloid" pickguards too, but this one isn't really "shiny" and has a three dimensional effect that is very appealing. The picture doesn't do it justice. (Or my photography) I was trying to get a "natural light" pic and it was a little dark this morning.


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              I really love that finish, every time I see that strat I get gas. I have to get me one of those.


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                probably my favorite fender.

                congrats to him

                link: http://www.livejournal.com/users/caffienatidjazz


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                  Originally posted by Silver
                  That's as close to porn as I've seen allowed to be posted on this forum! Suh-weet!

                  HAHAHAHA ! ! ! That's verging on an "immoderate" response ! ! !

                  It's one SWEET guitar for sure.


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                    Are you sure you have the credentials to pick out a right handed guitar?


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                      Originally posted by daddysguitar
                      What did they do, tj, give you a rightey mailbox and you can't work it?

                      Your mailbox is full, and we can't yell at you except publicly.

                      I'll have you know that my mailbox is amibidextrous ole coot! Hope you and yourn had a good set of holidays!


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                        Originally posted by talljohn
                        Are you sure you have the credentials to pick out a right handed guitar?

                        I got to pick it out, but not "pick" it. My Guitar Center buddy helped me pick out the cream of the crop though for sure.

                        How's it going amigo? Long time no see. Are you currently residing at your Texas mansion?

                        e-mail me an update when you get a chance. Swapped one of the lefty Strats (the '68 re-issue) for a Larivee Parlor guitar. Really nice little unit, I play it everyday.

                        About 6 months from Callaham, so I've probably got to sell one more

                        The personal economy still isn't great, I long for the days of $$$ and G.A.S. galore. Shopping for Larry's Christmas present was pretty cool, except for the right handed thing.

                        Hope all's well and you're prosperous in the New Year.