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Do we only have two dimensional guitar heros?

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  • Do we only have two dimensional guitar heros?

    I was in amsterdam over the summer and I saw an unbelievable guitarist. His name is Carlos Vamos. He plays on the street for money and to sell his music. He has 7 cds and though i have only heard his most recent 2, I am already hooked. He does the tapping thing like the kid in the vid on the thread "look at this guy play," but a million times better. I can not explain how amazing he was to see in person. Between having 10 fingers tapping and a bit of echo he has a huge sound. You all need to check out this guy's music. It may not be pop but it is the most impressive application of a guitar novelty that I have ever seen. When you hear his cd you may not be that impressed until you realize that all the parts you are hearing are being played by one guy at the same time.
    No, I am not this guys manager, I just thought everyone should check it out. The three dimensional character of this guy's playing is unreal.
    Take a listen to track 7 on Pieces of Eternity.

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    Am I the only one in the states to have heard this guy?


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      sounds cool - you like the dixie dregs by any chance?
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        Is it much different than Satnley Jordan? Btw, on his home page, there is a pic of him with a poster of Stanley on the wall behind him!

        Stanley is the best I ever heard at this style. Stanley can swing too!
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