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Shakkal: top secret message!!


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  • Shakkal: top secret message!!

    Got it. Loaded it. Not too much; sounds great!! Nice upshift!!!!!

    Piano next, but we will record it last. Then two choruses of 4's, another interactive chorus then I do the recap and we're done!!

    I'm gonna do the first chorus of 4's (my lead bits only - first 4 and last) over your rhythm and then send you back my rhythm for you to do stick your 4 in the middle and then do the same on the next chorus. I have an idea for the following break, but let's save it until we get there, k?

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      Originally posted by KODIAK
      Hah !!! I have decoded your secret message . You shall not start a guitar war by walking across the border while we are all held back by our cables . Now that I have decoded your secret message , with my Captain Shazam R.Q. Secrets Decoder Ring , I shall jam the frequency of all of your wireless units there by averting an international incident .


      Did you get the latest Captain Shazam R.Q. Secrets Decoder Ring update download?

      I have version 3.47 and instead of "guitar war" that you get with 3.46, it's now translated as "Clothing Optional Tea Party."

      I suggest that we both slowly back out of this thread and run like hell!!!


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        Originally posted by KODIAK
        Damn Bill Gates , and his crashing windoze . I missed that update , but thanx for the info , I have a feeling we coul make some cash if we tape it and sell it to Funky for the Moestock DVD extra's . How bout we get Smokes to volentere to tape them , He seems to be into that sorta thing



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          The eagle has landed