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Pinnacle Systems buy out Steinberg...


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  • Pinnacle Systems buy out Steinberg...

    Pinnacle Systems are set to buy out Steinberg.

    I can't quite see the synergy here unless Pinnacle want to apply Steinbergs multi-processor clustering technology to video applications. Where does that leave Steinbergs audio apps??????

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    This was the email that I got:

    Dear friends, dear partners,

    This mail is to inform you that today Pinnacle Systems, Inc. agreed to
    acquire Steinberg.
    The transaction will be completed at the beginning of January 2003.

    We are pleased to be joining forces with Pinnacle Systems and we believe
    that our customers and products will benefit greatly from the combined
    resources of the two companies. And we look forward to bringing audio
    production expertise to the award-winning Pinnacle Systems products.

    Steinberg will continue to develop and maintain the current product line.
    No changes with regards to products like Cubase, Nuendo or HALion, or the
    supported platforms are planned at this stage.

    More information can be found on
    and 18

    We want to take the opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support and
    we look forward to work even more closely with you in the future.

    Best regards,

    Manfred Ruerup
    Karl Steinberg
    Steinberg Media Technologies AG

    Whatever happens in the future, I hope that it's better than before...
    My name is Dave and I play guitar.


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      Maybe it'll work out but I fear change

      Especially when the only piece of Pinnacle software I have tried is their lamentable 'Expression' demo. What a crock!


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        If they screw with Nuendo, I will hunt them down and beat them all...
        My name is Dave and I play guitar.


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          Doesn't Pinnacle make golf balls?

          Originally Posted by SwampMusic

          Never underestimate the perversity of inanimate objects. Their sole purpose is to confound, confuse and generally frustrate the living.