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Smokey!!! How'd the lesson go?


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  • Smokey!!! How'd the lesson go?


    I saw your post from the thrid regarding your concerns about your first lesson on the fourth. How'd it go, man?!?! I want the details. hehe.

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    It went pretty good, more of a getting aquainted deal. I played everything I know(off the clock ) for him, so he could gauge my skill level.

    He's gonna help me fix one problem right away, my pinky. Read my sig below. Got some speed & dexterity drills to work on too. Plus I have to start learning tab, eventually even sight reading. My assignment this week is to tab out my 10 favorite licks, that's good cuz' I don't know more than 10.

    Next week we are jumping into the theory stuff hardcore, I know a good bit already, so hopefully it won't be too painfull. Learning to site read will help too.

    Each week he's gonna tab out 10 or so new licks for me to practice, this guy can flat out play man. He's been playing 30 years and knows so much stuff. So slowly I'll be building my own bag of trick licks.

    If ya can take some lessons, I learned a lot even on the first visit, so much I wasn't even embarrassed when this 8 year old kid came in, plugged in, and smoked me in 30 seconds flat.


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      Sounds cool. I'm hoping to be able to afford lessons once the Mrs. and I are settled. There's a music store right acorss from where I work, which will make things pretty convenient.
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        Good luck and i too have been smoked (onGUITAR) by an eight year old finishing up HIS lesson with my old teach. I didnt care either cuz i knew i was getting alot better when i took those lessons. Somehow, when you KNOW you are learning and improving it doesnt matter how much better other people are....
        Yea though i walk through the "Valley-Of-Shadows", i shall not fear. For i have 2 spare sets of "Ernie Balls" in my guitar case! Muahahahaha!