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    I transferred all of my Mp3's to my aunts computer (mostly to prepare for the tragedy of my computer crashing)... and am presently listening to Son House, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Huddie Ledbetter (aka Ledbelly) and John Lee Hooker... Soon to follow, Mississippi John Hurt, Memphis Slim, Koko Taylor, Mississippi Fred McDowell, and T-Bone Walker. I figured it would be fun (not to mention educational (so everyone go ahead and fire up Kazaa)) to mention your favorite of the old greats whose praises have been unsung as of late.

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    If you're into old country blues, you have to include Reverend Gary Davis.

    BTW Stefan Grosman has produced concert videos of may of the bluesmen who were still alive during the 60s as well as many great jazz and country guitarists. He also has a lot of instructional videos. His company is called Vestapol Videos. Definately worth checking out.
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