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    Mine came from a story My Dad and used to tell. But, it's long and Ya probaly don't want to hear it?
    It doesn't have anything to do with playing jazz on the guitar.

    It was either this or DaddysGuitar
    "I've learned everything I think I Know."


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      Mine's pretty obvious.

      I was reading the "Whitesnake" biography on CDnow one fine day long ago and they called Steve Vai by this name. Not to say that I'm as good as Vai, but the nickname fit me anyway because my middle name is Stephen and I preferred to be called "Steve" for a long time.

      Among other monikers in my MSN, Napster and Kazaa history were "distorted_solo", "the Wickerman", "Rhinosaur", "Stilleto in the sand", "Master of Puppets" and many songs that I fancied.
      Check out my music at

      On Toronto vs. the UK

      rosskoss: Well there you go then. I can't see how one can choose something else over that? Lotsa music, slutty chicks, nice weather, no SARS...

      Six String Stuntman Steve: No SARS? Hear Hear!!! This might be the better place to go afterall!!


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        Main Entry: prime mover
        Function: noun
        Etymology: translation of Medieval Latin primus motor
        Date: 1809

        1 a : an initial source of motive power (as a windmill, waterwheel, turbine, or internal combustion engine) designed to receive and modify force and motion as supplied by some natural source and apply them to drive machinery b : a powerful tractor or truck usually with all-wheel drive

        2 : the self-moved being that is the source of all motion

        3 : the original or most effective force in an undertaking or work


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          We just got back from vacation in the Smoky Mountains when I started coming here.


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            sad to say, my moniker is no more than a sad attempt to raise a smile at a fairly whimsical pseudonym.

            I also took out the option of 'Dan Druff' in case this one didn't take off.

            In a previous life. before being wounded by a flying IP address, I amused myself at the expense of the Army's constant desire to standardise everything by being Stan Dudlamp.

            take care

            Russ T


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              Hey I remember Stan Dudlamp.


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                Mine sucks like a barnacle. I had no idea that it was so cool in here, so I just did whatever. Wish now that I had done a different one.

                koiwoi = Kiwi (that's the way you'd pronounce it with a heavy NZ accent)

                Like I said, big friggin' suitcase full of suck.


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                  always jonesin' for another gtr...
                  "Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that 'my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.' "
                  — Isaac Asimov


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                    Mine's pretty obvious, too although it's spelled wrong on purpose.


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                      It's my bikini.

                      I am not fat. I'm horizontally enhanced.
                      "When I gave food to the poor, they called me a saint. When I asked why the poor were hungry, they called me a communist." - Mother Teresa.

                      "If fascism ever comes to America, it will come wrapped in the American flag and carrying the cross of Jesus"- Sinclair Lewis.

                      'Ketchup is a vegetable" - Ronald Reagan.

                      "Let's all hope Olbermann gets put in the hospital for something serious fairly soon" - G.Z. Sound
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                        mine is a nickname given to me back in school days by some great friends/musicians. cracking basement walls, and rattlin' windows, bar glasses, settin' of van alarms, peelin' the wall paper of the walls, shakin' the rafters. turn everything on 10 and saw off the knobs!!
                        this guy plays loud, he's 10 miles loud!
                        myles loud


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                          Kinda of a personal question, ain't it?!

                          Os... About 10 years ago, a life long friend of mine who speaks spanish started calling me 'Oso' (Bear in espanol) because I am (and always have been) a great big, hairy f@cker. At the time, I had a full beard and long hair to boot. He used to say, "Y carazon y alma de Oso grande." Translated, 'The heart and soul of a bear'. He even went so far as to explain my personality through the metaphor. We used to literally beat people up for 'sport'. Not particularly proud of that. Nevertheless, it's the truth. Anyway, I was never the instigator of anything crazy that went down. I was always the 'smart' one. If a big brawl went down, Mongo (That's his nickname. Ever seen Blazing Saddles? That's him. Hehe) would be in the middle of it. I would back up and survey the goings on before I got involved in anything. He equated my behavior to that of a bear who stands on his hind legs and sniffs the air to see what's going on around him before he makes a move. So... 'Oso' and every variation thereof has been around since.

                          The 'Uncle' part? Well... That guy Mongo?... He's got a daughter. I humbly accepted the honor of being named as her Godfather. When she was little, she used to call me "On-cooo Oh-soh!!!" Now that she's a little older, she calls me 'Uncle Os'.


                          Uncle os
                          '94 Frankentele
                          POD 2.0


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                            I had a band here for years called the Navigators. The guys called me "Captain".
                            Now I'm in a band called Rusty Fingers, hence Captain Rusty...

                  's only rock n roll, but it'll fry your neurapses...

                            Visit the RustyZone, folks!


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                              mine is the same moniker that I've used ever since the early days of AOL back in the early 90's....(yeah, don't laugh).....

                              I used to play a lot of country/variety music, and my passion is Blues music,,,, so,,,,,if you can imagine

                              the Blues Brothers, with a slight country twist......

                              like, a cartoon cow,, wearing the stetson, dark shades, suit with a thin necktie?

                              so anyways,, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it....

                              Columbia SC, USA
                              bluesman at large/musician for hire
                              current passport-no travel restrictions


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                                When I incorporated my company as a tax dodge to buy a new car for a new contract, I tried to register a name relating to software which I had as a registered trademark. Apparently somebody had beaten me to something similar as a company name so my accountant rang and said 'I need any bull**************** name in a hurry' hence I am now managing director of Thisllub Pty Ltd
                                Originally posted by sickman
                                Some day you're going to be old and no chick is going to want to have sexual relations with you... probably not even your wife. If you're lucky, they may still want to hear you make music.