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Are there any decent small reverb units?

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  • Are there any decent small reverb units?

    Im really getting into surf music and want to get some good reverb going on. Ideally I would buy a good quality fender amp with built in reverb or get a fender reverb tank but unfortunetly at the moment I am quite poor. I'm just wondering if there are any decent quality small reverb pedals that can attempt to mimick the sound, which will hold me over for a while until I get a real job. I supose you can't get the same "wet" reverb without the tubes but I'm just looking for a decent surf tone. Any suggestions?

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    I havent found anything cheap, small, that does surf well at all.

    I have used the boss and it was fine for what it is. I have a Nanoverb i like for cheap home recordingsa. And i use a HolyGrail for my pedal rig but its noisy and isnt much for surf.
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      BB..... Don't waste your time ... I've tried a bunch and I always dump em'.... EVEN the re-issue Fender units .. the only one I ever used that sounded GOOD was an original 62 Fender tank,,VERY expensive!... I would get a nice used silverface Fender head with reverb or a silverface Fender combo amp ... Iknow,Iknow,they're getting kind of expensive,but you'll be disappointed I think, trying to emulate that OLD Fender reverb sound without an OLD Fender reverb unit somewhere in the signal..... bob
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        Originally posted by StratKat
        I have a Nanoverb i like for cheap home recordingsa.

        I use a Nanoverb sometimes in my signal chain too. Actually, it doesn't have half bad reverbs for such a small digital unit. It has chorus and delay and a pretty fonky flanger as well. I think it sells some where around a hundred bucks.
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          I have both the nanoverb and the Danelectro BLT Slap Echo.

          Both are very reasonably priced and both I can recommend.

          Take your pick and get an old Ventures Album for some great Surf sounds...


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            The new digitech one isn't too bad


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              The best I've heard other than a vintage Fener amp is the Peavy Valveverb. It also has a superb tremeolo section. The only problems are that it's very expensive and the verb is very prone to shock. I understand you can pad the springs with some extra foam to stabalize them better.


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                I am not a reverb user, but have friends who are

                Many of them think the new Holy Grail Reverb is very good... I've never heard one, but if you're checking things out, add that to the list...
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                  Thanks for the suggestions. Im going into town tomorrow so ill check the two music shops and see what they have. I'm always kind of wary of buying stuff after trying it on way higher quality amps than mine but oh well, I suppose the smaller reverb units can't cost loads of cash.


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                    Am I the only one who likes the old Alesis Microverbs??