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    elton john's "hercules" was one of my favorite songs......until i finally listened carefully to the lyrics.
    we're forming a club and letting everyone in.


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      Originally posted by TeleCastrMaster

      I remember the Beat Farmers, and I miss them.

      That's not a confession, it's a badge of honor!

      Here's a confession: I have a new found love for the Clash, and a fondness for 80's new wave

      I, too, don't rememember what went on in the 80's. I think I put on a cowboy hat and hung with Waylon, Willie, Jerry Jeff, New Riders, Charlie Daniels, Commander Cody, Tom Rush, ...

      New Wave? Metal? Never blipped my radar.

      DJ's on the radio
      Karaoke in the shower
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        Oh, oh, this is a big one!

        In 1980, I could have had backstage passes for The Pretenders!


        ... there's more guitar content and less annonymous cowards grinding their axes ...


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          1. I like ELO too. When the snare comes in on "Telephone Line" it gives me chills. True.

          2. I remember the Beat Farmers, too. I loved their record, The Pursuit of Happiness. That's not a bad thing...why is it a confession?

          3. I own an 80's Kramer. It's pointy.

          4. I have seen "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" about a dozen times at midnight showings at the Roxy theatre in Toronto.

          5. I went to see "Mama Mia," that broadway play about ABBA. The tickets were a gift. Anyway, I mighta liked it a little bit. But only a little. But I hate ABBA.

          6. I intensely dislike Led Zeppelin and the Doors


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            Word to disliking the Doors. Half a word to disliking Zep. I don't fully get Zep, I think Plant is a bit much, but I love Page's approach to riffage.


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              1 I've never liked Hendrix or Clapton. I don't have anything negative to say about them, I just don't care for their music. I play a strat, doesn't that mean I'm supposed to worship those guys?

              2 I own a POD and I don't hate it.

              3 I think Tarus Pedals, Mellotrons, and Mini-Moogs are awesome.


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                Originally posted by TeleCastrMaster
                Oh, oh, this is a big one!

                In 1980, I could have had backstage passes for The Pretenders!

                AND I SAID NO THANK YOU!!!


                my wife recently reminded me that in the '70's we were in line to get tickets for the fifth dimension when the line started for the who. she made me stay where we were and until this year I had not ever seen the who.

                boy I buried that deep.


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                  I like Hootie.

                  ...and I like to touch farm animals.


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                    Originally posted by SuperMcFly
                    I like Hootie.

                    ...and I like to touch farm animals.
                    After hearing your recording I thought you WERE Hootie!

                    ...and I live in NZ. Come on down and I'll give you some velcro gloves and introduce you to a few million sheep.


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                      I've never cared for Eddie Van Halen. His playing strikes me as too many notes, too little melody/dynamics/musical expressiveness.

                      (Ducks; runs for cover)
                      ... there's more guitar content and less annonymous cowards grinding their axes ...


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                        I didn't know crap about guitars, amps, scales, technique, or actually using my ears until I started talking to you guys and asking questions. I still have a long way to go.

                        I have a Crate amp that I really love.

                        I never liked the Stones.


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                            thread, starting around page 3.
                          Check out my music at http://nigeld.freewebspace.com

                          On Toronto vs. the UK

                          rosskoss: Well there you go then. I can't see how one can choose something else over that? Lotsa music, slutty chicks, nice weather, no SARS...

                          Six String Stuntman Steve: No SARS? Hear Hear!!! This might be the better place to go afterall!!


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                            "Walk Away Renee" by The Left Banke is one of my favorite love songs of all time

                            I can't stand Led Zeppelin

                            I love working with midi

                            I hate most country-type music, but love The Band

                            Most of my favorite artists these days are females

                            Guitar solos are no longer necessary to make me like an album

                            I liked some Abba songs

                            I actually like some of Jethro Tull's newer albums

                            Anyone who is disturbed by the idea of newts in a nightclub is potentially dangerous. - Frank Zappa


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                              I can't stand KISS
                              Oasis official
                              FEEDER official
                              The Living End


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                                Originally posted by Shakermaker40
                                I can't stand KISS

                                - I was once in a KISS tribute band... I was Paul Stanley.
                                - I still love pointy shred guitars (Ibanez, Jackson, etc). They're easy to play and relatively cheap nowadays.
                                - I like chick-rock (Michelle Branch's "Everywhere" and Avril Lavigne's "Sk8tr Boi" most recently).
                                - I like easy-listening 70's music (Neil Diamond, Ann Murray, Carpenters, James Taylor, etc...)
                                - I'll never stop listening to hair metal.