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  • Time for musical confessions

    My nicotine-starved brain won't stop working, and it has convinced me that we should all get the dirty little musical secrets off our chests. Note the use of the word "musical." I don't want to hear about how you like to touch farm animals.

    1)I love ELO and ABBA.
    2)I can't play drums to save my ass. I flail around like I'm getting electrocuted.
    3)I think it IS possible to be too loud without you being too old.
    4)I think MIDI is a very useful tool, and digital is often good.

    Suck on that.
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    when I was 16, I went out of my way to buy Barry Manilow's Greatest Hits ...on picture disk

    ...oh the shame...the shame


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      I bought Michael Jackson's "Off the wall" and "Thriller" because I liked the music...still do.

      I also bought Duran Duran's "Rio" to impress my girlfriend...I H A T E Duran Duran...

      The Peter Gabriel song "In your eyes" has major signifigance for me and only one other person on this earth knows what it is...

      I used to listen to and enjoy Manilow "Live" until I found out that my parents actually went to his concert at Valley Forge...

      Dan Fogleberg's "Longer" is still one of my favorite songs of all time...

      My name is Dave and I play guitar.


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        In high school, I used to pretend to like James Taylor, Cat Stevens, Dan Fogelberg, and Jackson Browne in order to "get next to" the little high school girls (if you know what I mean).

        Now I actually like some (but not all) of them.

        I have a fondness for the Grateful Dead, but only live shows from 1971-1977.

        I won't really consider attending a concert in a stadium. Or even a hockey arena.

        I remember the Beat Farmers, and I miss them.
        ... there's more guitar content and less annonymous cowards grinding their axes ...


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          1. I have a copy of the Carpenters Christmas album I break out and play once every year.

          2. I thought "Atomic Rooster" was a HOT band.

          3. I left an Emerson, Lake and Palmer concert because it was "too loud". REALLY too loud.

          4. I like Grand Funk Railroads' version of "Do the Locomotion" better than Little Evas.

          5. I think Joni Mitchell may be the best lyricist working in the English language.


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            Originally posted by TeleCastrMaster

            I remember the Beat Farmers, and I miss them.
            HAPPY BOY- The Beat Farmers

            C D

            I was walkin' down the street on a sunny day

            G C

            Hubba hubba hubba hubba hubba

            C D

            A feeling in my bones that I'll have my way

            G C

            Hubba hubba hubba hubba hubba



            Well I'm a happy boy (happy boy)


            Well I'm a happy boy (happy boy)

            D G G7

            Oh ain't it good when things are going your way, hey hey?

            My little dog spot got hit by a car

            Hubba hubba hubba hubba hubba

            Put his guts in a box and put him in a drawer

            Hubba hubba hubba hubba hubba


            I forgot all about it for a month and a half

            Hubba hubba hubba hubba hubba

            I looked in the drawer and started to laugh

            Hubba hubba hubba hubba hubba



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              ... there's more guitar content and less annonymous cowards grinding their axes ...


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                1. I love military music

                2. My LP (remember those) collection includes titles from David Cassidy and the Glitter band

                3. I now appreciate the craftsmanship of song writers I hated in the 70's e.g. Abba

                4. Worst of all my ears still prick up on hearing the intro to "Hotel California"

                5. I used to have a tartan shirt as worn by the Bay City Rollers.

                Street Cred is a much over rated quality anyway

                Russ T


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                  ok, ok, I'll come clean.

                  1) I also love ABBA.
                  2) I own everything Selena (the Tejano singer) recorded.
                  3) I have tons of bad 80's pop compilations.
                  4) I own Britney's first CD, and really like her song "Sometimes."

                  In order to avoid being the object of ridicule, this will be my last post for 6 months.


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                    1. I don't like most metal, I never did, even when it was cool and age appropriate to do so.
                    2. Karen Carpenter had an usually fine instrument, way underated pipes, way underappreciated gift. Paul Williams was not a bad songwriter, though like everyone else, he could miss. It is totally absurd that someone should be embarassed for noticing this.
                    3. I never practice. I play almost every day, I am constantly working on one piece of music or another, but I've never done any kind of drill or practiced sweep picking or whatever.


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                      I like solid state amps.


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                        I can't remember the 80's, but I've been told that I did lots of embarrassing things.

                        I can't listen to metal any more. When I listen to old Ozzy songs I want to laugh, because they remind me of when I was a kid.

                        I think midi is a crutch.

                        I think Michael Jackson is a crotch, but Quincy Jones rocks.

                        Yngwie should have his cake-hole wired shut and be forced to play REM covers at retirement homes from now on.

                        I once played an REM song (just before burning my acoustic)


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                          1. I recently began to understand what everyone has been digging about Bruce Springsteen all these years.

                          2. I love Kid Rock's first album.

                          3. I never practice either. No scales, no picking exercises, no nothing. I just play.

                          4. I think Adam Ant was the prettiest artist to come out of the 80s.

                          5. I started out on drums before switching to guitar (the shame)


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                            after 35+ years playing on and off, I still stink but I enjoy it more.

                            when I was 14 I thought Blue Cheer was the best band I ever heard, way better than Iron Butterfly and I wanted to play just like them. LOUDDDDD.

                            after all these years now I can but it hurts my ears.

                            I'm a total sucker for girl singers


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                              sometimes I think my PODxt is way cooler that any one tube amp, sometimes (I need to try a VH4)

                              I like trance music

                              I hate everything the beatles did up to Revolver, and only kinda like the stuff after that.

                              I've been to a Yanni concert