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Possible Warning regarding a SCAM!!!


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  • Possible Warning regarding a SCAM!!!

    Possible Warning regarding a SCAM!!!
    I recently put up an ad in the HC Classified to sell my USA Jackson Kelly and got a response from a guy named Felix stating that he wants to buy it. The thing that is raising a red flag with me is that my friend Seth is also selling a USA Dinky Custom shop and we have both received the exact emails from him. Here is one of them.


    I must tell you that the payment will be in excess,this is as a result of a cancelled order my customer earlier made.So you will have to deduct the cost of USA Jackson Kelly ,and the cost of shipping to africa and have my customer's balance sent to him through western union money transfer. The casher's check payment will be delived to you via fedex.



    Something seems fishy here.Has anyone here who has used the Hc classified recently or in the past received contact from this guy?
    Thanks for any info.


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    Internet scams originate much of the time from
    Nigeria (Africa) among other places. I'd be really
    careful and only ship to U.S./Canada to be safest.
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        Okay, based on the limited info from the email Felix sent you here is a thought or two....

        1- If he sends extra income via a certified means of payment then you are not in any danger. This is because you get the funds and clear them before shipping anything (and this also means no exception to not shipping until the funds have legally cleared.) Then, after the funds are cleared and the cost for shipping,tax, and insurance are decided you also send him the extra funds not used along with the guitar. No danger there either. Now i wil also say that in any clearing fo funds i wait an additional two weeks before shipping to the purchaser to insure no fraud on BOTH banks ends of the deal. That is an inconvenience to the buyer so if they dont agree to this i dont sell to them. Its their choice and im not flexible on it. 2 weeks after CLEARING will illuminate any fruad.

        2- If he demands the shipment prior to the funds clearing its a scam. Same with a holding period like i demand before shipment. If he sends extra funds to you through any electronic payment and then insists on the extra funds not being used to be sent to anyone other than the original sender its a scam. He could be using someone card to get you to send him the EXTRA funds supposedly to cover expences and n0t even be interested in the guitar. This would also include you as a means of recovery from the original owner of the card if its a scam. Sometimes they ask for the extra funds to be sent PRIOR to the actual shipment of an item, thats a scam.

        So the bottom line in this is to get your bucks in your hands/bank clear and free of fraud before sending him anything. This type of transaction takes weeks before you ship anything so if its a scam he wont wait that long. He will rush this with legit reasons to get his money or guitar from you sooner. If he wants a refund prior to shipping, and/or doesnt have it sent to the origin of payment its a scam as well. He most likely would be using someones card or bank funds and send it to you. Then ask for the refund and have you send it to someplace else. Old trick....
        Yea though i walk through the "Valley-Of-Shadows", i shall not fear. For i have 2 spare sets of "Ernie Balls" in my guitar case! Muahahahaha!


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          I don't remember where I read of it but there is a cottage industry in Nigera or some where in Africa of doing internet scams which sound almost to the letter what you have recieved. These involved boats or cars of higher money value but the concept was exactly the same. The point of the message was that even a cashiers check, money order, etc will be accepted by you bank but it will not officially clear for up to several weeks. in between the victim will have shipped the goods and the monetary excess to the purchaser only to find later the original method of payment was found to be stolen, forged, etc and will not be honored for payment to your bank so they will then take the amount out of you account as by law you are responsible. You should talk to someone in authority in your bank not just a teller as to how and when you will know that this check or whatever has been completely and ireverseably credited to your account before you send any money or merchandies to anyone. Even if the dude sends an exact amount check or whatever you still need to do the very same thing to protect the value ot the goods. It seems like to much bull**************** to be bothered Play it safe and you and your buddy tell him to F Off.


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            I sell memory modules for PCs and got a call one day from a guy in Africa looking for ALOT of memory. He was persistent and I really didn't want to do business with him. He couldn't speak english very well and the whole thing seemed fishy as his story was I would be sent a check from his U.S. office. Well like I said I didn't want to do business with him so I quoted him extremely high and he said no problem you will receive the check in 2 days (it was about 30 grand). 2 days later check arrived, looked legit and I deposited it and it cleared. The day it cleared I got a call from the company whose name was on the check saying it was fraud and an hour later the Feds called. Long story short, don't do business with Africa unless they wire the cash.


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              jagr - tell us more about what transpired afterwards! Just curious...
              Yea though i walk through the "Valley-Of-Shadows", i shall not fear. For i have 2 spare sets of "Ernie Balls" in my guitar case! Muahahahaha!


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                  I've received several of those also. It's a scam. They send what appears to be a legitimate money order. You deposit it and wire them the change. Two weeks later your bank calls to tell you the money order they sent you was fake.


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                    My dad is a bank manager with Lloyds TSB. He says BEWARE!!! He also says TRY TO AVOID AS FAR AS POSSIBLE!!
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                      Originally posted by StratKat
                      jagr - tell us more about what transpired afterwards! Just curious...

                      Fortunately I hadn't shipped anything yet so I was safe. I gave the Feds the guys contact info and never heard back from anyone on the matter. Just lucky as we were in the process of boxing up the product for shipment.


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                        In my case I was selling a very large organ. The guy said he was an organ dealer in Africa and he had a client that wanted it for my asking price but sight unseen.

                        Red flag #1, he made the offer knowing practically nothing about the instrument.

                        I asked him how on earth he expected to box and ship such a large instrument. He said his "agent in the area" would pick it up.

                        Red flag #2. An african organ dealer just happened to have an agent in my area.

                        He said he had a US customer that owed him about 3 times the price and that it would be faster if the customer sent me the money and I wired the difference to Africa. I asked him why his customer didn't just wire the money to him. If I could, surely his US customer could also.

                        Red flag #3. Never heard from him again.


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                          Here's an interesting site to check out: Internet Hoaxes and Scams

                          I suspect the musical instrument and eBay scams are still too recent, as they haven't shown up yet, but the African and Nigerian financial scams are here, along with a ton of chain letters, urban myths, virus scares and giveaway hoaxes.
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