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  • Where??

    Here or

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    I'd like to stay here still. I still think there are some good people here.


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      Well, I think it's kind of premature to ditch one for the other, at a certain size they'll have the same kind of problems, I've been here for a couple of years and like the choices of "personality" for the forums.

      I "reserved" my user name on the other forum and I'll see who's there.

      If things just continue to get "thinned out", further diluting the number of "regulars" that I talk to I'll probably just wonder off completely. It seems like OJ and the Guitar Forum have been taken over by the 13-17 set (not that there is anything wrong with that, but I'm hitting three times that age) and the Vets is stone slow, maybe a half dozen threads a day, mostly talking about Cyberjamming and the weather in Canada (not that there's anything wrong with THAT either).

      I'll probably check here mostly.


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        Originally posted by Rob Quail
        Here or

        Rob, Lol why not both? In fact why not 3 in sig lol
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          Rob, I see no reason to make folks choose. I think folks will really dig funky johan's if they check it out, there is a very cool vibe developing there. What it means to me is that we have a way to preserve our little community of idiots that is independent of the whims of HC fortune. They are talking about killing the guitar forum and splitting it into two forums. What prevents them from doing that here tomorrow? Don't forget the night you logged in here to find VETS deleted. Probably won't happen again but we exist here entirely at the whim of the administration.

          I dig both places. I see no need to choose. But we need to stop threads like this, we might as well hang a sign up in OJ pointing to funky's place.


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            ... there's more guitar content and less annonymous cowards grinding their axes ...


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              Umm, I cant vote on this. . ..

              Hmmm, the forum SW just isnt working for this. Guess that seals my vote. (Brett's place)


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                I'm gonna hang my colours well and truly to the fence here and say.............both

                Russ T