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a nuther humble doc/casper tune for you polecats


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  • a nuther humble doc/casper tune for you polecats

    This is a reprise of one of our first collaborations, something we did almost two years ago when we first met on HC.

    Casper on electric, me on everything else. You will **************** when you hear what Casper does this time, a little Bensoning fo yo asses. Thanks for listening.

    *Updated as per Thamiam, Wayrockin, Old Geezer's feedback.


    You get the car,
    I'll bring the pain.
    It isn't far.
    Its just the way of the world.

    God knows, you got the blues.
    Even mama's given up on you,
    She gotten used to it.
    Its just the way of the world.

    A line of cars.
    Still in the rain.
    Like camera paused
    Dye in my veins.

    God knows, you got the blues.
    Even mama's given up on you,
    She gotten used to it.
    Its just the way of the world.

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    Very very nice.

    The vocal effects are a little odd, make me kinda uncomfortable. But the song is really well crafted, and that harmonica blends so nice with that electric guitar.

    Great effort, fellas!
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    She died! She died!
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      Thankee kindly, Tham. I appreciate it. I'm just getting into the harp, I'm just blown away by how great it sounds recorded, really cuts through anything.

      On the vocal effects, can you be more specific? Too much verb on the backup vocals? Something about the lead vocal? I'd like to fix it.


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        Really good tune! I like the lyrics and love the chord progression. The peaceful feeling of the chords works to underscore the " everything's wrong but it's alright" message of the words. Bravo!

        The harp over those verse chords with the congas in the background reminds me of 60's music like The Rascals. Very cool.

        Mix-wise, all the instruments sound good; I'd just spread them out a little more. Everything seems to be panned in a fairly narrow range, say between 11 and 1 o'clock, except for maybe the harp. Kind of sounds a little crowded in spots.

        Good stuff, guys!


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          My kind of music Doc and Casper. The mood of the song is great. Nice production and playing.
          The chorusing as you go into "Its just the way of the world" is just a little confusing as to timing.
          I wish I could do as well though.

          After listening to it closer Doc, the timing I was speaking of is a matter of the effect you were using on the backing vocals. They may be a little wet, causing them to seem a little out of sync.

          Damn, I feel ****************ty saying anything about it. It's a great song and I definitely couldn't do as good a job.
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            Thanks, fellas. Yall got some good ears. Way, your points on the spread were right on, you handsome polecat. I updated the mp3 with it spread out, I think its a real improvement. I went with the original ending, before I chickened out to a fade.

            Geezer, your right about those vox, I hear it now, thats probably what Tham is talking about, too. I'll fix them for the next mix.


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              No, no, Geezer, don't feel ****************ty, I love for someone putting some real ears to it and helping me make it better. Rock on, you old hoss thief.


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                nice song, Doc. i read tham's critique before i listened so i was aware of the vocal thing, but still a good job. ya'll got a fine voice. i especially liked the acoustic playing.
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                  Thanks, Skeam. Updated the link with a dryer mix. Great feedback tonite from the VETS.


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                    I can't listen cause I'm at work, but I will say I like your writing style, Doc. Creative.


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                      I can't see my forehead ....

                      Deeper Jams @ IUMA


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                        very cool Doc.. as usual man!!
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                          hey doc,
                          you and casper did a fantastic job on this song! it evokes the emotions!!! makes ya wanna cry man. i think i d/l ed after you got any bugs out, cause it sounds great to me!! i like the singing with the lead lines too. very cool. myles loud


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                            Great song and performances, guys! I do have a comment about the engineering, though. The panning is way too precise. I like the idea of having it sound like the acoustic guitar is on the other side of the stage from the electric, but in real life it wouldn't be that clear cut, much of the sound from each instrument would bleed into the middle. I think something like L46 and R46 would have sounded more natural than L64 and R64 (that sounds like what you were doing, excuse me if it wasn't). Am I making sense? Excuse me if I am not.

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                              It does make sense, Nervey. At first I had them in too tight, and in response to feedback from Way I spread them out to about r44, L45. What I think I need to do is clone the acoustic guitar track and set the clone lower in the mix and to the right so It doesn't sound so stark on the left. Capish?