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    Does an acoustic trio count? Aw, what the hell. I play electric guitar on a bunch of tunes. Here goes...

    A little history.
    Wilmington NC,1990: Me, Sally, Bob (all singers, me & Bob on guitar) started gigging as a trio, playing acoustic rock, mostly stuff that had good harmonies (CSNY, Beatles, Neil Young, etc) . Over the next 3 years, we added a bass player, drummer, second drummer (congas, etc). Eventually we got a sax player who sat in for the second half of the night. By this time we had added stuff like Dave Matthews, Yes, Bonnie Raitt, Steely Dan, Tom Petty, Eric Clapton, 10k Maniacs, etc. We pretty much just played songs we liked with little regard for where we might get to play it. We were pretty good for a bunch of weekend players.

    In 1996 I moved 2 hours away to Raleigh. The band disolved. Then a couple of years later Sally, Bob, & I started mailing tapes back and forth. Eventually, we got some interest from a local restaurant/bar in downtown Wilmington were we play about 4 or 5 times a year. I'll be driving down for one of these gigs this weekend. Oh, we're called "Woodwork".
    The Homebrews!

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      Actually, Just joined one today. Playing rhythm guitar for a local singer/songwriter. I've heard the demo and it is kind of REM/Counting crowes ish, but with a little more of a country tinge. My guitar teacher is playing lead and recommended me for the spot. Should be pretty cool. We have 3-4 gigs lined up for this spring. Very much a good situation for me. Good tunes, good people, fairly light schedule and no aspirations of superstardom (everybody intends to keep their day gigs). I'm pretty psyched, having never played guitar in a band before.
      The noise was good, but I thought they phoned in a lot of the funk.

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        About 4 years ago my wife and I got together with some friends and put together a band (one-shot deal) to play at a special contemporary service. Things went well and churches started calling. Now we play out 2-3 times a month (Sunday mornings at different churches), play Christian festivals during the summer, and do an occasional fundraiser, concert, or party. Basically we play wherever somebody wants a band but doesn't have the resources to put their own together. We're called "With God's Help" and it's me on guitar, a bass player, drummer, and three singers. The drummer played professionally for over 20 years and the bass player is rock-solid...I never want to leave, they have made my job unbelievably easy. We play everything from the mellow and pretty stuff to old rock and roll and blues.

        I also play out with a buddy of mine...mostly old-time acoustic blues with some Chicago-style tossed in. We've been doing that for around 8 years. Sometimes we get a drummer and go electric and sometimes my wife will join us and sing. We've been calling ourselves the Bluebirds and have played just about any kind of thing you can think of.

        I also get called to fill in for other groups...never say no...and will attempt just about anything. I've learned more by accident (playing anytime, anywhere) than by design.

        I've been trying to replace my tele for years, but have recently given up. Who could have guessed that early on I stumbled onto the perfect guitar for me.


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          Originally posted by mattburnside
          ****************, who hasn't heard of the Gobos?

          Well, nearly everybody, actually.

          Still, if you need a punk version of a Neil Diamond song, and you need it, like, NOW, we're your bitches.

          best band EVER


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            Originally posted by TheFishSeller
            Not right now, although I just discovered one of my friends can sing really, really well. Now to get her into Yngwie....

            you might be more successful with her if you find out what she likes to sing,, and YOU LEARN to play that !!!!
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              I sing in an all female gospel group. Thats me in the middle.


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                I quit my band right before Christmas. Practices lasted all day on Saturdays, and then I had to work all night. After a year I decided that I didn't want to do it anymore. Also, the band was going to have more gigs lined up for this year than last year...all on weekends and/or holidays. I work every weekend and damn near all holidays. I already miss being in a band; now I have to find people who want to jam on my days off. I don't care about gigs, I just want to play, and crank up the amp a bit, of course!


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                  Originally posted by snebarekim
                  I sing in an all female gospel group. Thats me in the middle.

                  Cool! That's our good Guitarwar friend Sarabaracuda, 2nd from left. The IronMaidens!

                  Sara is real cool!

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                    I've been with my band "Blind Rhino" for the last 5-6 years. We gig often, and have been moving up the food chain in the central Oregon, Portland area. You can check us out at I think of us as "Blues in a blender"! I love old, old blues and jazz, and the other guitar play (Mindblowing chops!) comes from metal and classic rock. Check it out!
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                      Honestly ?
                      I don't know ...

                      The former originals band split in July last year.
                      Nice fellows, average songs and way too big heads...

                      Since, I had a few trials in bands but it didn't work out.
                      Eventually I met the other guitar player again and we decided to create a new band.
                      He now wants to sing mostly, another guy we found would do the main guitar work.
                      I would do additional guitar and playing the keys.
                      The 3 of us have been rehearsing for a few months.
                      As we've not been able to find a drummer and bass player that met all criteria,
                      the other guy has called the former drummer and bass player back.

                      So I think I'll leave since we'll be in the same **************** again.

                      So I have an appointment on Sunday for joining/creating a cover band
                      (female singer, mostly covers from the 70's). I may then dump the other band.
                      We'll see ...

                      I have also a project with a synth/guitar player. We are trying to arrange some songs
                      he wrote in order to be able to perform them live (he's rather some kind of home
                      studio player). Yes, just the 2 of us !
                      It's some kind of dance-techno-distorted-guitar thing with lots of backing tracks.
                      We will be playing as many parts as we're able to on guitar and synths.
                      The rest is just played back through the sequencer.
                      A lot of work and it's not progressing very well.
                      I actually don't know if it will result in something ...

                      I need to play live !

                      Ah, I almost forgot :
                      Right after the originals band fiasco in July, I created a Ramones tribute band with a
                      longtime friend o' mine. He's a very bad bass player but I mean, c'mon, it's the RAMONES
                      We found an incredible singer and sequenced the drums.
                      Anyway, it was big big fun.
                      We actually made it to a gig but the singer didn't show up
                      During that single day, he lost his job, crashed his car and his wife
                      told him she was pregnant.
                      I've never seen him again ...

                      Is there a spell on me ?
                      Terminal Frost


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                        I'm in 2 rock bands, and the "praise band" at church. However since the latter have scheduled their weekly practice at a time I can't make it (I used to go to practice... religiously ), this just means I show up before the service, run over anything new once or twice, and wing it.

                        Which isn't really being in a band. More like playing with a band. Hopefully the Big Guy will understand.

                        My 2 rock bands are a side project and my main band. The side project is called Hoyt and the Hotheads and is built around the songs of one of my coworkers from my day gig, who sings lead and plays rhythm, along with blues harp. I was drafted as bassist for that band but they moved me to lead guitarist once they found a real bassist. I also sing occasional backing. The songs are kinda roots rock, in the vein of Dylan/Petty. No website yet.

                        My main band is called Crash Pad. It's old school punk rock and roll. Like Pistols, Damned, Heartbreakers, Ramones. I and the other guitarist trade lead vocal and lead guitar duties and he and I write the songs, right now it's at least 2/3 my material, although we're working on changing that. Crash Pad's been around since 1996 and we've done a couple DIY full-length recordings and a 3-song EP CD.

                        You can read more than you'd ever wanna know about Crash Pad at the website in my sig.

                        Both bands are supposed to contribute a couple songs to a compilation record to benefit a local homeless outreach. The Hotheads go into the studio Saturday morning, am still working on scheduling Crash Pad's session.

                        Visit Crash Pad at:
                        Gear List/Pics:


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                          I lead Dr. Balalajka's Blues Band. We don't play that much as it is now, we're looking for better gigs. And you don't get those by hanging out in the same sad joints all the time so we quit doing that.
                          Terje Larsson

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                            Originally posted by jazbrokr

                            Cool! That's our good Guitarwar friend Sarabaracuda, 2nd from left. The IronMaidens!

                            Sara is real cool!


                            Thats cool. Saw these girls in Guitar World last month, looked em up on the web. I will have to check out the guitar war stuff she does!

                            Does she play a Strat?


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                              I play on the Praise team at church...been doing that for over 2 years now...and my wife and I have our band, "By Faith", which is anything from a duo to a 5 piece depending on the gig.

                              I'm also thinking about getting back into my friend's band called "Bad Attitude"...
                              It's a rock cover band that plays tunes from the '50s thru today.
                              A good bunch of guys, most of us in our 30's, and we always had a blast before I quit gigging early last year.
                              They've had a bunch of subs on lead guitar that they haven't been happy with and they've been begging me to come back for some gigs...

                              I'm not sure if I feel like going back to the drunken masses just yet...or ever.
                              My name is Dave and I play guitar.


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                                I'm not currently in a band, but this is the first break that I've had in several years. I've been mostly in "corporate" covers bands ($$) , but I'm enjoying having my free time (I've got a day job)to pursue original material.

                                I hear Oakland is in a banned. Har