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Switch to 57 Classics?

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  • Switch to 57 Classics?

    I have a LP Standard Plus with stock 490 and 498 Alnicos. I am thinking of switching to 57 Classics. Any thoughts?
    Sometimes the silence between the notes is more important...

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    If the 490/498 combination doesn't sound good, something else is probably wrong. The difference would be subtle at best. Personally I don't understand the pickup swapping obsession. The Gibsons I have, including a 490/490 SG, a 490/498 SG and a 490/498 Les Paull, all sound excellent.


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      Thanks for the response.

      I agree with keeping guitars stock for the most part. I typically do not change PUPS. I have 10 electrics, all Fender, PRS, and Gibson. All are stock. If it sounded good off the wall why change it?

      But the LP is just a bit too clangy. I rarely use it for anything. Sometimes for power chord overdubs. My main guitars are a PRS Hollow I, 52 Tele RI and a AM Deluxe Fat Strat. I play through an Evil Twin and a Nomad 100 1x12.

      I tried a few custom shop thingys and they had 57's and sounded somewhat warmer. But these were $5000+ guitars. I was just wondering if anyone had swapped their PUPS in a Standard to 57's
      Sometimes the silence between the notes is more important...


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        FWIW I had a 61 reissue SG with 57 Classics, and the tone reminded me of Fillmore Allman Brothers. An SG Standard with 490/498s has a slightly brigher, harder AC/DC type of sound. As I said though, the difference is subtle and there's a lot of common ground between the two.