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Kudos to the VETS, you handsome polecats


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  • Kudos to the VETS, you handsome polecats

    Hey guys, wanted to express my appreciation for the thoughtful feedback I got on my tune. It seems like we've gotten to know each other well enough so it doesn't seem rude anymore for yall to help me improve my stuff.

    So a sincere shout out to my dawgs who risked a critique. I was able to get two improved versions out for other folks to download, and I got some great observations on what I did to it that were as helpful as the original comments.

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    Kudos to you, Senor Doctor!

    Your consistently astounding songwriting and performing skills are matched in manliness only by the cut of your stupendous jib!

    You sir, are a prince among Vets...
    "I had a cat named Snowball
    She died! She died!
    Mom said she was sleeping
    She lied! She lied!"


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      Why thanks, brother Tham. Your taste in music is matched only by your gift for the manly art of haiku. Speaking of the manly art, its about time for a thread. Where's that wacky blonde at?


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        Thank you Doc, for sharing your talent with us. It's always a joy when you do.
        Rock and Roll isn't dead, it's just wounded - Caveman