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    Hey there Everyone...

    My daughter and I went *Pawn Shoppin'* this morning and I found a couple of things I'm interested in.

    First thing... A Yamaha Mdel #F310 Accoustic with some sort of 'electric arrangement'. I have no idea if it uses transducers or a mic. It plays well. Sounds good enough for my purposes and looks good from the front with a marring on the back.

    Anyone have an idea what it's worth?

    Second thing... A Samick Tele with a three piece (looks like Alder body) body with Ash front and back veneers. Good shape.

    Anyone have any idea what they're worth?

    Next question... I've only purchased one guitar from a pawnshop in my life. And that was when I was 21. Needless to say, I got taken to the cleaners. LOL Have any of you all ever purchased from a pawn broker before? What's the best way to handle the bargaining? I assume they only pay about 10% of the blue book for the instruments. And they're both low end instruments to start with. How would you guys handle th transactions noted above?

    Any assistance/guidance is greatly appreicated.

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    Aw, man... everytime I look at pawn shop gear, I figure some poor musician ran out of options and had to give up his liveliehood to the evil pawn shop owner...

    It breaks my heart too much.
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      Rough guess. $150 to $200 apiece (sans cases). Any more than that and you're getting hosed.

      Cash talks with these guys. Be willing to walk if they won't bargain. You can offer to leave your name and phone number if they change their minds.


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        do an E-Bay search on completed auctions for the average price that similar items are selling for....figure that as a TOP dollar amount...

        I generally offer pawn shops about HALF of what they are asking for a particular piece of gear,,,often,, they'll take it....if they don't,, I usually walk,, unless I know that what I see is worth what they a willing to sell it for, and IF I want it that badly,,

        ALWAYS haggle,,,

        KNOW what you are looking at to buy,, and make sure it IS what you think it IS..
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          btw.... the Yamaha F310 guitar should be able to be bought for well UNDER $100 in primo condition... MUCH LESS if it shows signs of wear or problems......
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            i got an american-made bc rich guitar at a pawn shop in a trade for 2 cheap**************** korean guitars and a cheap**************** old amp. stuff i really never played anymore anyway.

            they basically gave me almost nothing for each piece, but i got an even trade. not to mention they were only asking $140 for the guitar to begin with.
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              let us all know how it turns out...
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                My little pawn shop story... about a month ago, I was goofing on my day off, and noticed a Peavey Classic 50 head and 410 cab at a shop... they were busy, and I didn't have time to stay, but there was only a tag on the head, and it read $250... so I go, and check the web... the one at the shop was a little rough cosmetically, and I didn't know if it all worked, but I saw heads alone on ebay for $200 - $300... cabs alone also going for almost $200... close enough to go investigate further... the weekend and I go back, and talk to someone...the $250 is for the head and cab (good start) so I plug it in, and no reverb (I never use reverb, so this is okay, but I make it a big deal)... everything else seems fine, and it sounds good... I ask "How low will you go?" "$180" "How about $150?" "Okay."

                Sometimes you can do alright... be willing to walk away, as someone else said, and know what it's worth, and what it's worth to you...

                That said, most of the time when I go to pawn shops, I see Epiphone les pauls with the cheap import emg pickups, marked at $700 - and there's no point in even offering... or a ratty Peavey 4x12 cab for $550, when I wouldn't pay more than $100 for it... but if they're close, and you can get 'em down into your neighborhood, give it a shot...
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                  i've had decent luck at pawnshops, big thing is to decide on a maximum you will pay and if they don't go for it walk out. also if you visit one semi steady you may notice a guitar that has been there awhile, they may be more willing to bargain for it. also with a strat i got in one shop i noticed it had real old strings so i didn't bother tuning real well and kept commenting that it was going to need alot of work. yeah it needed alot, new strings and to be cleaned. guitar and case for $160. big thing is a poker face don't seem too excited about anything. of course if it is one where the person behind the counter does know instruments, well then all that goes out the window.


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                    I used to go to pawn shops all the time years ago and got some OK deals. The best I recall was an ESP M-II for $150 in mint shape. I sold it two years later once shred axes started dying in value for $600. I kept going to shops out of habit until about a year ago. I did some thinking and noticed I hadnt bought anything or even seen any good deals in years and decided the chance of finding something was so slim it didnt justify the time. All the pawn shops are on ebay now anyway so if they are going to sell an item cheap it will be on ebay. I used to go into a pawn shop in Myrtle Beach and noticed they seemed to move a lot of guitars but there was never anyone in the store. They had nothing but junk at outrageous prices. Then I saw they were auctioning them on ebay and building these junky guitars up to sound as if they were great. They had over 3500 feedbacks on ebay so I would guess they did the brunt of their business online. I got to checking them out a lot, once they auctioned a Peavey T60 that was teal and they described it as a rare color, near mint, blah blah blah. I had just seen that guitar in their shop and it looked as if it were sprayed with Krylon. I bet whoever bought that was very irate.
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                      Love pawn shops...


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                        Originally posted by TeleCastrMaster
                        Aw, man... everytime I look at pawn shop gear, I figure some poor musician ran out of options and had to give up his liveliehood to the evil pawn shop owner...

                        It breaks my heart too much.

                        Just tell yourself that most times, the poor musician took that guitar money and shot it right up their veins.

                        Even if they didn't, thinking that way helps the moral delimna.
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                          My advice is, know what you are looking at. Know fair market value. And, if you plan on shopping there a lot, only haggle when you need to.

                          I've been happy with some of my deals:

                          • 70's Small Stone $20
                          • Roland PMA-5 (sequencer/sound module) $150
                          • Rockman XPR $60
                          • Boss RV3 $35
                          • Boss DD3 $50
                          • Boss FT2 $20
                          • Arion pedal board $30
                          • Ibanez S540 $150
                          • Charvel Fusion Custom $150[/list=1]

                            Haggled on the Small Stone, 'cause it looked 'old'
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                            Went to one last night just for fun.

                            They had a white Mouradian bass like the kind Chris Squire
                            played with Yes for a while. I'd never seen one in person
                            before but they wanted a THOUSAND dollars for it. Wow.
                            And that's used (and it had numerous dings and such on
                            the lower body edge and belt buckle rash, etc).

                            Not much else worth looking at but they had a like new Roland
                            Microcomposer (the latest one) and they had a few synths that
                            had seen better day.

                            Saddest ever: a guy asking me if the K-Mart Blue Light Special
                            celeron computer was worth the money they were asking. It
                            had a pitiful 32 megs of ram.
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