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Oooops! I meant the tragedy in Rhode Island.


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  • Oooops! I meant the tragedy in Rhode Island.

    Sorry about that.
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    I didn't read all the topics before I posted to your original Vermont post and posted there. My bad.


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      i get those little new england states mixed up, too. the only place where you can visit 6 states in 6 hours.
      it was truely a tragedy and someone has to be held responsible. did the band take along the pyrotechnics thinking they could use them and found out otherwise when they arrived?
      didn't the fireworks go off by accident? who was responsible to make sure this didn't happen? why weren't the fireworks removed from the club when it became apparent they couldn't be used?
      the club owner was on the evening news and appeared to be devastated. for sure, someone dropped the ball on this one and i hope they find out who it is.
      the club incident in chicago differs because exits were locked (or a least not clearly marked or accesible) which would clearly be the responsibility of the club owner.
      we're forming a club and letting everyone in.