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    Originally posted by JOHNRR12
    As for a popular and well known most moving piece, i think What a Wonderful World nails it. Makes me cry everytime.

    No disrespect to LA...but I despise that song with passion.

    ...but I'm sure no one cares anyway.
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    All that stuff is evil: Ozzy, Judas Priest. There's backwards messages in that stuff that leads you to the Beast.


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      Originally posted by Rocinante
      'Love Bites' - Def Leppard

      Sorry dude, but youve struck out. Back to the bench for ya, slugger.
      Originally posted by IHEARTMUSIC to Wes_Powell

      they nailed jesus to a cross and he cried less than you.


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        Originally posted by EvilGuitarMonke
        To me the Bille Holliday song 'Strange Fruit' is one of the most moving songs I've ever heard. What song has moved you the most?

        Oh man.

        I will never forget the feelings I experienced when I realized the meaning of that song.

        I felt like screaming.

        Sorrow and rage.

        My eyes are filled with tears
        Sneaky has the best signatures


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          Songs are moods, and moods change.


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            "Hurt" - Nine Inch Nails
            "With or Without You" - U2


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              Tears in The Rain - Joe Satriani
              Deliberately wasting your bandwith, one pointless post at a time!


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                Turn of the Century - Yes
                The Night Watch - King Crimson
                The Carpet Crawlers - Genesis (with Peter Gabriel)

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                  Originally posted by EvilGuitarMonke
                  To me the Bille Holliday song 'Strange Fruit' is one of the most moving songs I've ever heard. What song has moved you the most?


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                    Originally posted by ttukppokki
                    'I can't make you love me' - Bonnie Raitt is a good one.

                    'To Sheila" - Smashing Pumpkins seems to do something for me.

                    'TAPS' Really used to get to me, and still does. I'm active duty and I was on an Honor Guard team. We buried many retirees and vets as well as active duty. Mostly it seemed, WWII vets.
                    At the end of the ceremony when TAPS was played, it was difficult to stand there like a statue while everyone around us fell apart.

                    taps is the one tune that makes me fall apart. composure is completely lost. i think it's the finality of it, always the last part of a military funeral. the absolutely last touch you'll ever have with that body in the coffin that used to be a living, caring human soul.
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                      totallty agree with 'fake plastic trees'. Apparently thom yorke broke down in tears after he recorded it.

                      motorcycle emptiness - manic street preachers
                      hardly getting over it - husker du
                      mayonnaise - pumpkins


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                        Classically Tchaikovsky's 6th Symphony
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                          I takes a lot to move me to tears but this one does everytime:


                          Symphony No 3

                          This is a symphony written by contemporary polish composer named Henryk Mikolaj Gorecki and is usually titled "symphony of sorrowful songs"

                          Here is a lyrical excerpt:

                          No, mother do not weep
                          Most chaste queen of heaven
                          support me always
                          "Ave maria"*

                          * Prayer inscribed on the wall of cell no3 in the basement of "palace" the Gestapo headqaurters in Zankopane beneath the signature of Helena Blazusiakowna and the words "18 years old imprisoned since 26th september 1944"

                          It is sung by a soprano but is not opera, and it is to put it simply the most beautiful piece of music I have ever heard.
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                          He is an adult now, but he is a child in the trousers.

                          Originally Posted by clay sails

                          This is essentially the same as married life, except that when you get married you share space with someone who washes your cum socks.


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                            "for the last time" by Rory Gallagher
                            Dim the lights, chill the ham


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                              Whoever said Taps , man , I'm with ya . It's one that leaves you at a loss for words . But it's somewhat negative feeling . In a positive sense , "I'm proud to be an American" , I don't know who does it , but damn . Tears everytime .


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                                The Dutchman - Micheal Smith
                                Child's Song - Miurray Mclaughlin