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Jeez, ya leave for a few days...


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  • Jeez, ya leave for a few days...

    And everything's upside down.

    Hi y'alls. Sorry I've been scarce, but guess what : DADs' in the hospital this time. I took him to the ER Monday night with sacute abdominal pain. They're running a 'procedure' right now, the ol' catheter up the you-know. Thank god they put him out for it. Among the things they're looking for: Kidney stones, colon cancer, etc. Fortunately, the one thing we do know is that his prostate is okay.

    At the same time, m mother is in another hospital undergoing a catscan(or MRI - I can hardly keep up anymore) to see how much of the three brain tumors are left after last month's surgery.

    An interesting time for the ol' family, to say the least. I swear, I've spent more time in hospitals this year than at home.

    To anyone who's waiting for a cyberjam part from me, please forgive me, but I'm going to have to officially bow out for the current ones I signed on for. I simply have too much on my plate at the moment.

    Anyway, I'll try to keep checking in more often, at least when I can. Sometimes I'll be doing more lurking than posting, but that's only due to exhaustion. I swear, though, by this time next year, one way or another, I'll be back to my normal, annoying, curmugeonly self.
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    Sorry to hear about everything that's going on... best of luck with it all. Please keep us up to date with it all...

    For the cyberjams you were involved in, if the people who are producing 'em want me to substitute for ya, I would gladly take your place --- once the forums are back up and all, of course...
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      Good luck with everything, Bob...