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  • endorsements for African guitarists

    I've just had the pleasure of attending a big world music festival in the UK, and saw numerous guitar players (such as Manecas Costa and Djelimady Tounkara) who could chew up and spit out most western players. So why were they all playing crappy beginners' guitars with no spares? Why are guitar companies happy to give guitars to skateboarders and actresses, but ignore these (frankly very scary) players? If there are any marketing deptartments reading this, here's a challenge - look beyond the US and the UK. There's a whole WORLD of budding players out there.

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    Good call Paul. Unfortunately endorsements are all about dough and the bottom line for these big wigs is more and more dough.


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      some of these guys are just phenomenal!

      When these guys start selling CDs to white American kids, the manufacturers will be tripping over themselves to give them anything. Until then, they will suffer their current fate...Sekou Bembeya Diabat
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        Yep. I love Ali Farka Tour