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  • Danny Gatton?

    OK folks, how about a recommendation for just one Danny Gatton CD to go buy?

    Not too keen on country, but very much enjoy jazz and blues and all else. So, what's it to be. Jaw dropping works too.



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    The recording with Joey DeFrancesco whose title eludes me offhand(Burning?)is great.Or how about the aptly titled The Humbler where he backs up Robert Gordon with Lance Quinn also in the band.Redneck Jazz is pretty great also.There is a new release that is reviewed in a recent Guitarplayer-the issue before John 5 IIRC.Hard to go wrong with any Gatton recording actually.

    Edit:I took a look at the website to refresh my memory...the record with DeFrancesco is called Relentless.Unfinished Business I like a little better than the Elektra stuff.Quite frankly, the southern MD/DC whiteboy country/bluegrass tradition* that Gatton was a part of was part of the charm and any country in his playing is a lot earthier and even greasier in a shadetree mechanic kind of way than what is marketed as country today.The Elektra recordings are good but suffer
    a little by smoothing some of this over trying for airplay etc.

    Perhaps that is not quite the right word but the DC area was a mecca of white southern migration and musical culture WWII and after and this was reflected in all sorts of artists like Roy Clark,Link Wray,Roy Buchanan,all sorts of bluegrass bands like the Seldom Scene etc. WDON RIP.
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    check out box set recommended!


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      For me it has to be 88 Elmira St.This covers pretty much all Gattons stylistic bases and no one track is any less jaw-dropping than any other.He was a stunning player,what a tragic waste.
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        Cruising Deuces - kind of like Sun Records on crack.
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          Originally posted by FlyingBloodyFrogBiscuit
          Cruising Deuces - kind of like Sun Records on crack.

          That would have been my pick as well...
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            Thanks folks.

            Weekend purchase assured.



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              Buy a few!
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                Originally posted by Mr. Rock'n'Roll
                I would recommend the Hot Rod Anthology CD. But I think Danny would be happy with any purchase.

                I got that one, its fantastic, but still, the one i would recommend is The Humbler with Robert gordon. Yeeeesh. Chuck your guitars into firewood boys.