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    Im watching discorvery channel right now and ive come to the conclusions that dolphins own.
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    I have been recording this series on my Tivo, but I haven't watched any yet. I started transferring them and burning them to DVD the other day, someday I'll make time to watch some.
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      Oh yeah...lovin the dolphins man. Now if only they could jam.
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        The shot of the great white shark eating the seal is amazing. It took one second real time and they slow it down to 47 seconds. Awe inspiring.
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          Awe inspiring.

          Not if you're a seal.


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            Not if you're a seal.

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              Cool show...make the whole HD investment worthwhile!
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                yeah HD makes all the difference
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                  One of the best things I've EVER seen on TV. We DVRed them and have been watching them as time permits. It's something that you'd like to keep but they use a LOT of room on the DVR.

                  Wel worth watching for anyone that hasn't been. I don't know if they've been rebroadcasting them or not.