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My Father in law is sick as hell.


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  • My Father in law is sick as hell.

    82 years old with a blood infection. 104 fever. Damn this sucks. The Hospital sucks. He is very close to dying.

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    Sending mojo!
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      Thanks much SB!


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        MOJO sent ------->
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          Mojo for your father in law. I hope the missus is OK.


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            I'll keep a good thought.

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              mojo sent ...... >>>>


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                I'm sorry to hear that.
                Professor Tom


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                  Sorry, John.

                  Hoping he gets better.
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                    Any better today?
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                      They have his fever down to 99.9. It was 104.7, they are afraid that if they don't get his infection cleared up that he'll go septic.


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                        They have his fever down to 99.9. It was 104.7, they are afraid that if they don't get his infection cleared up that he'll go septic.

                        104 is like Roasting

                        Hopefully they get it under control.


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                          All the mojo I can muster today, headin' his way!!!
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                            How's today looking?
                            Still sending the mojo.
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                              My wife just called me from the hospital, it's not looking good. The asked him to sign a no respirator form.