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  • Robot Suit

    Be the first one on your block. 1!11!!!

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    No way you're getting me into that thing.

    "This unique method of operation means that a person can control Robot Suit HAL by his or her own will, even if he or she is unable to actually move. And as the suit detects the signal sent from the brain even before it gets to the muscle, it can move an instant before the muscle does."

    So you're on the couch watching Olympic gymnastics and you see a guy do split and you think, "hey, I'd like to do that".

    Headlines read, "Couch Potato ripped in half by robo suit while watching the Olympics"
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    American Deluxe Strat
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    Yamaha 12 string
    bunch of old guitars in the barn.

    Allright, let's go see what's around the next bend. I'm getting too old for this ****************.


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      they better stop making those, maybe they hav'nt seen the Terminator movies


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        GB #270 in perpetuity

        That's what's so great about the Internet:
        It enables pompous blowhards like myself,
        to connect with other pompous blowhards
        in a vast circle jerk of pomposity.


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          HAL ?
          I'm sorry Dave, I can't help you to move right now.
          Professor Tom