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The Rolling Stones should record a SOLID blues album.

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  • The Rolling Stones should record a SOLID blues album.

    ...and just never mind trying to rewrite Brown Sugar.
    Guitar people = Good people

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    [Fishing announcer guys]

    "And Mucktunes has his line in the water. He caught the slight breeze and made a very nice cast; this should be a good troll for him."

    "Right you are, Bob. The rapidly aging, everything is serious crowd that's been prevelant here in Cool Jam should be all over this one. Let's watch!"

    [/Fishing announcer guys]

    The Taylor Harvey Band

    The THB myspace page


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      Originally Posted by BlueStrat
      You, on the other hand, are like the third ex wife I never had!

      Originally posted by daddymack
      After reading this thread numerous times, I am now becoming convinced that based on the life I have led so far, that I will wind up in Raleigh, NC when I die, for all eternity...


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        ...and just never mind trying to rewrite Brown Sugar.

        Hurlburt blues
        Sneaky has the best signatures


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          There goes the budget!
          Guitar people = Good people


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            I agree. They started with imitating the blues, only it didn't sound much like the blues

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              Sneaky has the best signatures


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                The tracks from their first album

                1. "Route 66" (Bobby Troup)
                Originally Posted by SwampMusic

                Never underestimate the perversity of inanimate objects. Their sole purpose is to confound, confuse and generally frustrate the living.


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                  Songs from their last album:

                  1. Rough Justice
                  2. Let Me Down Slow
                  3. It Won.t Take Long
                  4. Rain Fall Down
                  5. Streets Of Love
                  6. Back Of My Hand
                  7. She Saw Me Coming
                  8. Biggest Mistake
                  9. This Place Is Empty (Keith)
                  10. 1Oh No, Not You Again
                  11. Dangerous Beauty
                  12. Laugh, I Nearly Died
                  13. Sweet Neo Con
                  14. Look What The Cat Dragged In
                  15. Driving Too Fast
                  16. Infamy (Keith)

                  My copy is still pretty much new...
                  Guitar people = Good people


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                    Btw....the credited songwriter on the early stones albums, Nanker Phelge, was a pseudonym used by Mick Jagger/Brian Jones/Keith Richards/Charlie Watts/Bill Wyman so they could all share writing credit royalties.
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