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Lost my grandpa yesterday...


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  • Lost my grandpa yesterday...

    It's fair to say that growing up, my house could be tumultuous. Firearms were discharged in my home. In anger. It's also fair to say that I was not the easiest child.

    On a good day.

    But no matter what, I knew that right next door, I was always welcome. All I had to do was come on in. And my grand parents were gonna be there. They wouldn't judge. They wouldn't point the finger. They'd open their minds, their hearts and their arms.

    Through the years, their home became my home. Where love was unconditional, guaranteed and available in spades. Oh, and on demand.

    I have more stories to tell about my grand parents than just about anybody wants to hear. Some are funny. And I mean split-your-sides funny. Like when my grandpa could hardly go to a family function without ending up at lunch or dinner without his pants on. Oh, yeah.

    Some are inspirational. Like when my grandparents, who were dealing with difficult issues of their own, would volunteer what little free time they had at the local hospital because they were cognizant that some people had it worse than they did.

    Some are of the heroic kind, like when my grandpa saved a whole bunch of SAS warriors from certain extermination during WWII by risking his life AND working against orders from his Resistance Commanding Officer. He would later be recognized by the SAS and awarded a special medal. That's right, a French Resistance soldier was awarded a medal by the top-of-the line British soldiering outfit. I'm no historian, but I'm pretty sure that this doesn't happen every day!

    I lost my father when I was young, but I was blessed with a grandpa who lead by experience and taught with absolute kindness and love.

    I love him very much, and losing him yesterday would have been a crushing personal tragedy were it not for the fact that in many ways, he's still with me. The laughter I experience when I think of the multitude of crazy situations I've shared with him is still as bright today as it was then. The love I have for him in my heart is still as strong today - if not stronger. The love I received from him is still vivid too. The lessons learned from his hard-working, dedicated, honest ways are still as important today as they were during my formative years.

    So Grandpa, I love you. I didn't lose you. You're still right here with me in many meaningful ways. I'm going to try and honor you every day that I live. I will talk to my kids so that they continue to know you, think about you and learn from you. I will continue to tell your stories. I will continue to pass on the lessons I learned from you. I will continue to laugh at the memories we shared.

    No, I didn't lose you. And you didn't lose me, either. Cancer is a mean bitch, and she won this battle. But as mean and cruel as she can be, she can't win this war. You served your country with honor. You served your family in very much the same way. May I have the courage to serve your memory in a way reminiscent of your qualities.

    Until we meet again... the love, the laughter - they're only just on pause. They cannot be stopped. I look forward to hitting play again. * * * * Listen to my music at!Now on twitter: @MojoCaster - offering private lessons via Skype

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    Sorry to here that

    Sorry for your loss

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      Condolences for your loss.
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        you said it didn't lose him.
        He'll always be with you.
        Condolences on the passing of someone who touched you so deeply.
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          Man, it sounds like your Grandpa was a great guy; my condolences. Joe
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            Sounds like a great legacy to pass on to your kids and a fine example of grandparenthood. My condolences.


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              Terribly sorry, brother. I like your Grandpa and I never even met him...the world needs more people like that...
              Thanks, and rock on!


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                Condolences to you and your family.
                Death leaves a heartache no one can heal
                Love leaves a memory no one can steal


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                    Thanks again for the support, guys, so very much appreciated.

                    I have a gig tonight. I really don't wanna do it, to be honest, but I don't think he'd have it. So time to load up the car and go sing some songs!
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