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  • Thread about guitars........

    General guitar talk, if you will.

    I have been threatening to succumb to yet another bout of GAS here lately, and I seem to have become fixated on the idea of a rosewood neck on the next guitar. I've read all sorts of lovely things about them, but being in a rural area, its hard to get my hands on one to try out. So, my questions are......Do any of you have any hands on with a solid rosewood neck guitar? If so, was it a build, a production model or something in between?
    Did it live up to the hype or was it just aesthetics?

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    What's this 'guitar' thing that you speak of?


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      what's that?


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        They are nasty, horrible corrupters of innocence.

        Gather everything you have fitting the description found in Wikipedia, pack them securely and send them to me for proper disposal.

        I'll make sure no further harm comes from them.


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          What's the word on rosewood necks?


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            What's the word on rosewood necks?

            Wouldn't be brighter because harder than say a mahogany neck?
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              I have a solid rosewood neck on one of my electrics and I love it. No idea if it affects the tone, but it's really nice feeling and very stable. The guitar sustains like crazy and I think it's the combination of the hard neck and light chambered body.


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                My 62 RI Gipsom SG is teh guitar of guitars!

                Although, I've been digging on an EJ Start lately :dunno


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                  The talking points in the sales pitch seem to be resonance and clarity. They gush about how the neck resonates in your hand and how good the raw rosewood feels. And, I have to admit, it looks pretty darn sexy! I will probably resolve this GAS attack this winter and I was wondering if this particular avenue was worth pursuing. I know EBMM and PRS make production instruments with solid rosewood necks, but I wanted a little bigger picture before I made a move.


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                    how did this get in with all the word game threads?

                    ***surreptitious bump****
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                      Will the word game bubble burst?


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                        Focus, people.oke: Guitars. The word games will still be there when this thread has faded into 10th page obscurity. So, we have one positive endorsement from koi. Anyone else tried one or even heard anything relevant on the subject? Anything?


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                          Rosewood - darker sound at least between my strats and teles. Have a highway 61 tele with rosewood over maple and i like how the twang isnt tinny, Fender Toronado with corinthian rosewood (whatever wood they sell as rosewood) over maple, a 78 Adamas with a walnut neck and fretboard. Do like maple on my strats, i feel like maple is a faster neck. My 2 cents worth.
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