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soooo if Obamma bypasses congress on everything, will it be King Obamma if he gets


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  • soooo if Obamma bypasses congress on everything, will it be King Obamma if he gets

    elected again? .... or soon there after? He won't have to pretend to please anyone this next term, but can do what he wants, like be a regular on the Today Show instead of dealing with those pesky foreign nations and meeting with our former Allied leaders.

    Oh well, the USA lasted more than 200 years, I'd say that was pretty good

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    Might as well be, unless he loses the senate too, then he can be King all he wants to and it won't make any difference.


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      He has an agenda and it's definately NOT in the interest of America. Go see 2016.... it basically shows you his upbringing and basically why his past is hidden from veiw. Scary stuff! If you like Democratic values, fine, but Obama isn't your typical Democrat, again, seeing his past associations will scare the crap out of you and where we are headed with him.
      I'm not a Romney fan, but Obama has tested the waters and knows what he can get away with. If he is in for the next four years, you can kiss America goodbye as we know it. Voting will be for the lesser of two evils, but there is quite a stretch between Romney and Obama. Romney is an angel in comparison.


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        My vote smacks of an expired coupon.


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          politics in the CJ? no, not gonna start the pot stirring....take it to teh Poli...king Obama vs Emperor Mitt....not going there....
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