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What's the WORST thing that ever happened to you on a gig?


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  • What's the WORST thing that ever happened to you on a gig?

    The most memorable standout for me:

    On one of our picnic gigs, we were on lunch break, and I did not notice that a wasp was trying to share the piece of meat I was putting in my mouth, and the greedy little bestid stung me on the lip...which naturally swole up...I managed to ice it before we went back on, but it still hurt like #311

    Now every time we do those picnics, the guys remind me to check what I'm on every bite
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    We were playing a gig in Billings Montana and had been there most of the week, probably our 5th or 6th night in the club. Late, around 12 am, we were playing "Dancing In the Dark" and someone started lighting off firecrackers, only they weren't firecrackers. A bar patron was shot to death right next to our sound and light techs. That was the first worst thing that's ever happened.

    The next worst thing was when I quit drinking alcohol I started substituting soda pop. The club I was playing in charged for soda (losers). I'd go next door and get a can out of a vending machine for $.25. We started the next set and I didn't finish my soda so I put it next to my amp on the railing around the back of the stage. The bathrooms were behind the stage so people would stand there once in a while. When the set was over I grabbed my soda and took a big drink only to have something solid hit my teeth. Upon closer examination I discovered it was a cigarette butt. Just to prove how much of a badass rock and roller I was I never even puked...but I also never left an open can out of my sight again.
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      back in '92 i played a guitar with a floyd rose. i broke the Low E and didnt have a backup. so i went to change strings in haste and since I was ampped I cranked the alan wrench so tight that I crumbled the little block that held the string. so i had to play with only 5 strings for the last hour.

      worst part is we were the "headliner" at a frat house party so by the time we were finally done playin all the college girls were gone (probably hanging with the other opening bands)


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        We had just finished the first set in a low end dive about 10 years ago, when one of our keyboard players complained of chest pain and palpitations. I checked her pulse and found that she had gone into SVT with a HR of @ 180. She wanted to finish the gig, but we told her husband, "Either you take her to the ER or we will". They made it back right at the end of load-out. Fortunately, she had converted back to a normal rhythm pharmaceutically, without having to be cardioverted. All I had to do was cover some piano fills, so it wasn't all that bad for me, but it was a pretty rough evening for her.


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          Worst for me was passing a kidney stone during a gig and at the end of the 2nd set my Traynor 200 Watt 70's era head caught fire, as in really caught fire, not just a transformer blow. People thought it was part of the action. Good thing I used to travel with 2 amps. Fire extinguisher and dragging it outside by the power chord.

          Worse thing on the way home from a gig happened in Nov of 1979 - on Merritt Parkway in CT, 2am, and we see these crazy lights coming straight at us - this car was tumbling down the median, end to end. We pulled over, the guy and the windshield was on the pavement, cars whizzing past, and we dragged him to the side of the road and nearly got decapitated by the windshield that was hit by a car just after we had gotten out the of the way. Guy was bleeding with an open chest wound so i put pressure on it and the sopund guy drove off to get help. Back in the days before cell phones. The guy supposedly made it, but there was blood everywhere.
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            I ran the soundboard for a friends band one night at a bar over a strip club. Halfway through the night the owner of the strip club came upstairs to complain because the sound levels were throwing off the dancers. I went downstairs after the band was done for the night and the owner threw me out. No good deed goes unpunished I guess.


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              Back in the 90's, I got so hammered-ass drunk on stage one night, I ended up pissing my pants in the middle of the third set....right there on stage. Fortunately, it only took me a few seconds to realize that I was pissing on I ran to the back of the stage and finished up in the corner. Club owner didn't see it no harm, no foul, right?

              Later that same evening, I decided to smash my #1 guitar (a '93 G&L Legacy) into pieces. Not one of my wiser decisions, for sure. And lemme tell's not as easy as it looks. Took a couple minutes of smashing and multiple roundhouse swings before the neck pocket finally broke and the body shattered .

              And something the rock stars won't tell you about smashing a friggin' hurts. Kinda like when you hit a baseball wrong and the vibration goes all the way up your arm? It's like that. Ouch.


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                Bass player kind of flaked out and was out of town when we had a gig; the main problem was that he had the PA , the bass rig. We decided to go on with the show without him and the gear...I'ld play bass and the other guitar player would wing it on bass on a few tunes too. They had a house PA and I was going to use a few of the monitors for speakers.

                Well, no one could get their PA to work, so when our friend, AKA soundman, out of random desperation, switched a few 1/4" cords, the soundboard and power amp went "POP"......We decided it was a good time to say we tried, pack up and get the heck out of there....when the club owner heard about his equipment, he sort of thought it was our fault...he brought over a couple of his bouncer kinda guys and said we had to give him compensation for the PA before we could take our gear out (guitars, bass, amps, mikes, etc.) We were all as poor as church mice, so that wasn't going to happen...we where in kind of a Mexican stand off.

                Finally, I called the cops on them...when they showed up, they said they couldn't hold our gear there....we packed out and got the heck out of Dodge!!!!

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