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  • When was your 'moment'?

    Ok i thought it might be kind of fun to get a thread going on what sent everyone here down the rabbit hole that is guitar playing. That moment you decided the guitar was your instrument and that you were going to learn it.

    I remember it vividly. i was 13. i had already been avidly listening to music for several years at this point. guitar was always the instrument my ears gravitated towards but i never made the connection.

    my dad and i were watching the Steven Segal flick "under siege". there was a musical montage of them gearing up for the fight with the bad guys. the soundtrack was voodoo child by jimi Hendrix. i'd heard of Hendrix before but i don't know that i knew his music. the intro with the wah blew my mind, then came the heavy riff and I was sold. I HAD to learn how these sounds were made.

    when was your moment?

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    Sadly, it wasn't the sound of my boot connecting with a rhino's tether-nethers. I started at fifty, after a couple of years learning the harmonica, just wanting to play simple tunes on an instrument that 'everyone else' at a play around seemed to know. Five years now, and don't see giving it up. Harps are tucked away in a drawer.


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      Early 20's then not much until mid 40's
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        I had avoided the guitar for years as a teenager since everyone else was doing it, so I played percussion, sang (NYC All-City Chorale) and eventually started on electric bass...I had flirted with guitar, but just couldn't seem to get it. Then, on my 17th birthday, my GF at the time said she was giving me her crappy classical guitar with action like the 59th Street Bridge [a NYC in-joke]...and I said no, don't bother, and went out and bought my own (with good action...). Got a Mel Bay book, learned some chords, got a Dylan book, learned some songs...then,,after less than a year I started gigging...really! So I guess the moment was my 17th birthday, when that crazy broad tried to get off cheap on my gift...

        Forty some odd years later, and I'm still doing it...Ellie, you are the one to blame!
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          A roomate of mine played guitar and that got me interested.
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            At the age of 12 I knew I wasnt a drummer and even though my dad was a guitar player, I knew guitar was the way for me. Bought a hard tailed strat new in 72 and have played ever since. Played only resophonic alt tunings during the 80's and 90's and got back into playing electric in a band in the 90s and have been back at it ever since.
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              I tried drums, bass, brass and keys before picking up guitar. I had just moved into my first apartment in the late '70s. I didn't own a TV and needed something to do. There was no real epiphany, just a desire to go sit on the beach with some beer and a guitar. I went down to the local music store and over paid for a POS acoustic, learned G, C and D, bought a case of beer and hit the beach. It's been all downhill ever since.


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                I remember seeing neighborhood bands playing surf music and mid sixties rock and roll. The whole garage band thing got me going. Oh yeah, and those cute go-go girls dancing around.

                At fifteen I got serious and and obsessed with it. I remember seeing Hendrix Plays Berkley (the full version) and being blown away by it.

                And it just keeps going.


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                  I'm 50, been playing for 10 years, gone through well over 300 guitars and 50 amps. Hasn't happened yet. I'm not holding my breath at this point.
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                    I was six years old sitting on the front porch with a baritone uke that I knew nothing about. Satisfaction by someone called the rolling stones came on the little hand held radio next to me. By the end of the song I was playing the right notes along with it. Hooked ever since.That was 52 years and a whole lot of guitar and amps ago.


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                      I was a teenager at summer camp learning Kum Ba Yah and other campfire songs. Just haven't been able to put a guitar down since..

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