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Anyone here see that 12-12-12 concert last night?

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  • Anyone here see that 12-12-12 concert last night?

    It was pretty interesting. I enjoyed seeing some of those old farts who can still get out there and rock......except the Stones.... they only played two songs and seemed to forget what song they were on The rap stuff gave me time to take the trash out and do my dishes and then Billy Joel just KILLED it as did Sir Paul!

    Paul is actually quite amazing to be what I thought was out of his element, but right in the groove of it all!


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    On a first name basis? I calls him Our Father who art in Heaven. But that's just me.


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        Who ?


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          Where ?

          I saw a little of the show. It's gonna be re-played tonight I think and I'm gonna TIVO it.
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              Watched most of it...Skipped out on the the Kanof Waste segment to take a dump, I figured it was quid pro quo...

              The Boss ...man that guy sweats...

              Bon Jovi...still pretty after all these years

              The Who...liked the tribute video segment to Moonie...

              Stones...time for Mick to stop prancing about like he's still attractive to women..or is it men?

              Alicia Keyes...lookin' good, sounding good...

              Roger Waters...pretty close to the show we saw at the LA Coliseum, scaled way down,of course

              Billy Joel...should have closed with NY State of Mind, IMHO, well played for a fellow Long Islander

              Clapton...gotta love a guy who will still go power trio and pull it off

              Macca...aside from the pointless jam with the Nirvana survivors, still the showman, and having Diana Krall sit in was

              cameos were good, except the terrible drunk uncle bit...good grief, who greenlighted that waste of time?

              Would have liked Frankie Valli to have shown up...Al Kooper, Buster Poindexter...more of the local guys...and thank goodness Trump didn't come by to try to steal some glory...
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