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Tasmanian Bushfires.

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  • Tasmanian Bushfires.

    In Australia every year around January, we have some sort of disaster.

    Bushfires, floods, cyclones, almost annually.

    The country is experiencing a heatwave at the moment so that means fires.

    Tasmania is the latest to suffer.

    With homes razed and so far one death which is one too many.

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    In light of this thread's tone, I withdraw my comment.


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      100 people unaccounted for.


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        sorry, Scrubby, we have the same issue here in SoCal with dry weather and high heat leading to bush fires.

        If you live in a fire prone area, keep the brush near the house mowed short, water the plants near the house regularly, put your valuables in a bank safe deposit box during fire season, have a fireproof safe for crucial documents, have an emergency exit plan worked out in advance...and when they come and tell you to evacuate, do it.
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          Good advice DMack but its not the same game here as in Cal.

          The weather bureau has just added a new colour to their charts to represent temps over 50 deg C.

          In Central Aust its as hot as hell and the winds are blowing that heat eastward at 50mph.

          Sydney ,on the coast is in the mid 40's at the moment.

          There are 140 different fires across the state with 40 out of control and our resources are stretched.

          I believe there are fighters from NZ arriving to relieve the crews.

          New South Wales = 312,528 sq mls.

          I know there are eucalyptus trees in Cal. In Aust they are the main tree.

          When they get hot the oil in the leaves boil and vapourizes.

          Add fire and wind and you're talking blow torch territory.

          In Tasmania the survivors of the tragedy there in recent days spoke of "Fireballs"

          Fire preparation ads have been on the TV since the start of spring so its not as if people aren't prepared.

          Hell, we go through this nearly every year.