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  • Revamping the set list........

    After sliding into a state of near limbo over the past year, we've decided to scrap a significant part of our set list. The plan is to take a few months off from gigging and work in some new material as well as a couple of original pieces. I'm looking forward to getting some blues tunes in the lineup. I'd like to channel the Clapton/Landreth vibe, but neither of us is a slide player. It's still worth a little time just to see what happens, though. While we need the new material to revitalize the band, I'm going to miss the gigs. The acoustic group I play with hasn't booked anything lately, either. *sigh* Oh, well........onward and upward!

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    band gigs that pay are getting tough to find around here, which is why I am working on my solo act...and doing some local jams. Slide is not all that hard, you just need to spend some time...and learn the open tunings (or not... I know plenty of guys who play slide in standard).

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      Either of us can learn a specific piece (within reason) or part playing slide. But, listening to Landreth and trying to emulate a player of that caliber is fairly daunting..png" alt=":smileyfrustrated:" title="Smiley Frustrated" />