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Hi! I'm new here! !

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  • Hi! I'm new here! !

    Hi!   Has anyone seen the smilies? :manfrustrated:

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    woW!  Looks like I'm teh only one here! :robottongue:


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      yeah, I think they jumped the shark here...smilies are inside the text editor, and poorly laid out... .png" alt=":smileysad:" title="Smiley Sad" />

      "We are currently experiencing some technical difficulties due to reality fluctuations. The elves are working tirelessly to patch the correct version of reality. Activities here have been temporarily disabled since the fundamentals of mathematics, physics and reason may be incomprehensible during this indeterminate period of instability. Normal service will be restored once we are certain as to what 'normal' is."

      Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally used up and worn out, shouting ', what a ride!'
      "The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively" ~Bob Marley


      • Dr. Mottleberry
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        Well, I'll be over at teh Gear Page Pub if you guys need me.


        If you regroup, send me an email or something  .... 


        It was fun while it lasted!   Best wishes to everyone here.

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      Hi! I'm new here also!
      I had a signature once...


      • Anderton
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        Smilies - right now, the smilies that existed in previous posts are pointing to the ones we had on Jive. They will disappear over time, and many of the ones we used are copyrighted. So, we need to get a new collection of smilies. .png" alt=":smileysad:" title="Smiley Sad" />  The current ones are some kind of default thing.

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      Hey, is this 'Old Boy Scout Jam'?


      My my, such a change.  We should sit shiva over the bones of the old HC, amirite?


      Anyhow, at least I changed the zoom level on the screen so I can at least read the text.  Ctrl + mouse scroll wheel.


      Originally Posted by MattACaster : *Runs 2 blocks down the street to Guitar Center, grabs detuned Schecter off the wall, plugs into Line6 Spider and proceeds to bring teh brootalz*


      • Smilin' Bob
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        I got a new avatar photo of Mr. Hooker. The avatar space is so tiny that I don't think my old Mr. Hooker would work.

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      so this is where you guys are hiding!!! Thought I wouldn't find you didn't you [ me too ] :mantongue:


      This is gonna take some getting used to but at least we still have a forum.:manhappy:

      I keep stimulants handy in case I see a snake,which I also keep handy.W.C.Fields


      OK We'll close down the business,have the manager shot,and give you back all your money.will that make you happy?

      The Hot Rod Owner's Club


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        Found it! Hope the history comes along soon.