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    Bit slow in here.

    Been trying to come up with an interesting thread but so far no good.

    Unless I start talking about my reaquaintance with the fiddle.

    I haven't practised seriously for about 5 yrs.

    I had learnt a repertoire for a gig with a world music band.

    Middle eastern, African and Latin music.

    Thought I'd nailed it but sometimes it don't work out as you'd wish.

    Kicked my arse bigtime so I went back to guitar for awhile, back to Pedal Steel and also about 6mths playing bass in a 50's R&R band.Which was a good money earner but the was one of those suspect ones where the band leader is a better spruiker than singer and the drummer kept slowing the tempo. For a bass player it was like pushing **************** uphill!

    Spent some mths where I couldn't give a rats arse about music after that.

    So lately that curvy little lady is in my life again. Got some unfinished business with her.

    Anyway back into getting the rust off the chops.





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    I've toyed with the fiddle for decades but just can't seem to make friends with the bow...and can't think fast enough in reversed tuning. Recently I have been contemplating getting an electric one so no one else has to hear me screech...

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      About 20 years ago I picked up a fiddle at a pawn shop, thinking to add it to my repertoire. Unfortunately I never could get past the squeaky part. Sounded like I was torturing a cat. Finally gave it away.