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  • Did'ja Miss Me?

    Off line since last Sunday night. It coincided with some big ATT goat dink that collapsed DSL and some cell service in Reno and all over N. Nevada. But then neighbors were getting back on, and I couldn't. Many conversations with the nice (really) ATT techs, and decided it was the DSL modem.

    Called the ATT store: "Do you have any modems in stock?" "Yes, but bring the modem and the power supply when you come in." ATT store person tested modem with new wall wart: Ah ha! $10 fix instead of $100!

    There is a lesson here, but I forgot what it was.

    NOTE: The absence of smilies in this post should not be taken to mean that I think your post is stupid, nor that I loath, despise, or hate you; nor that I disrespect you and all your works; nor that I see you as victim or lawful prey; nor think you have the intellect of half a loaf of bread; nor that I find you disgusting or unworthy or otherwise hate your behavior, opinions, politics, gender, sexual orientation, culture, ethnic background or language.

    F*** 'em if they can't take a joke!

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    $10 is sure better than $100, welcome back Bob

    I keep stimulants handy in case I see a snake,which I also keep handy.W.C.Fields


    OK We'll close down the business,have the manager shot,and give you back all your money.will that make you happy?

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      the lesson is that ATT still is the dinosaur on the playing field.  Glad you got it sorted out.