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I have a gig tonight .... I hope you guys come out and see me ....


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  • I have a gig tonight .... I hope you guys come out and see me ....

    It starts at 6:30 so you still have a couple hours to get there.  :smile:  We're strating out w/ a acoustic set and then we'll rock the next two sets after teh dinner thing.  I have 14 songs to sing :freakout:  



    See you there! :wavesateverybodyontehplanet:

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    I'd be there, but the last time, something on the buffet gave me teh trots!.png" alt=":smileyfrustrated:" title="Smiley Frustrated" />


    • daddymack
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      I'm only going if you promise everything will burn and explode!

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    This might be a little off-topic, but where is it?  Or, where was it?  


    .png" alt=":smileyhappy:" title="Smiley Happy" />

    And how was it?


    No offense intended, but (see above) . . .

    Old is the new new.

    I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.
    -Dorothy Parker


    • Dr. Tweedbucket
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      well, it was up off off I77 and Rockside road at teh Hilton hotel at the bar thingy.


      It was a blast, I couldn't pick anyone out from the crowd that was here except maybe teh guy dancing on his head with the buttless chaps on :catmad:



      ok, well, we may do it again sometime.....  ok, bye!