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Cute story about Stringman and me, a H-C friendship

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  • Cute story about Stringman and me, a H-C friendship

    I got to know Mike through this board. We started to e-mail each other and soon enough he sent me a copy of his pedalsteel version of West Side Story. Later I got his other cd with classical music, which I liked more and of course I have his 3rd cd which I personally think is his best. Over the years we've sent each other e-mails and kept in touch. Sometimes the debate has been heated but as far as I can remember we've stayed civil thoruhgout .png" alt=":smileyhappy:" title="Smiley Happy" />

    Anyway, I don't know how many years it's been since we got to know each other over the internet but this autumn, in late October we met for the first time when me and my wife were in LA. Mike took us around for two days in his car  to see different places. We had a great time, Mike is such a sweet guy. He took us to Venice Beach, to different restaurants (and this wasn't easy since we're both vegans but Mike found some really nice vegan restaurants), and he also took us to see Huntington Park, which was fantastic.

    He drove us around in different parts of LA and I don't know how many times he said "I'd really love to live here!" when we passed different neighborhoods. Mike is a sweeter guy in person. He still has his opinions but he's so very, very considerate of other people and a great host.  

    What I wanted to say with this was simply, you never know what your contacts over the internet might lead to. Sometimes you find somebody who later turns out to be more than just an e-mail buddy, he turns out to be a good firend who doesn't mind spending two full days with you showing you the best parts of his hometown (well, it's not really a town LA, is it?).

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    Dang...Terje, you should have told Mike to call the local me. I'm in touch with Stringman fairly regularly. fact, I'm going to give him some crap for not letting me know you were in town. Ah trip...

    "We are currently experiencing some technical difficulties due to reality fluctuations. The elves are working tirelessly to patch the correct version of reality. Activities here have been temporarily disabled since the fundamentals of mathematics, physics and reason may be incomprehensible during this indeterminate period of instability. Normal service will be restored once we are certain as to what 'normal' is."

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      Aw, don't be too hard on him!  .png" alt=":smileyhappy:" title="Smiley Happy" />

      I was in LA with my wife to watch this musical thing (we're in this meditation group, it's a long story) and I just told Mike of our plans and we decided to get in touch once we got there but then we didn't decide on much else. My wife just knew him by name and wasn't sure. You know, go out with one of my friends... not her thing usually but Mike, being the gentleman he is was a pleasant surprise for her.

      There might be a next time next autumn since this musical thing seems to be happening once a year every autumn but it's only happened twice so far so it's hard to know. But if it happens next year we'll try to make it for sure.

      Hey, I've enetered this forum again under myu job e-mail address. Just pm me and you'll get the right e-mail and we can stay in touch man!

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    Hi Terje!  Yeah, Mike is a good guy.  I haven't been in touch with him for awhile.  I should look him up.  

    Vegan restaurants in LA?  Who knew?



    No offense intended, but (see above) . . .

    Old is the new new.

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      Gday Terje - long time no see. I still get a kick out of watching this occasionally :