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  • picking hand question

    I was wondering what's the best position for your picking hand? Should I anchor it on the bridge to always imply string dampening or if I should keep from anchoring my palm or pinky and just be free floating so to speak?

    Thanks for any help!

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    What style of music? Do you use a pick?

    I find my picking hand does all sorts of stuff, depending on what I'm trying to do. In general I don't anchor that hand. When I'm playing lead with a pick my pinky slides around on the top, giving me a reference point without anchoring.


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      Flexibility is the key. You will find that 'anchoring' it works against you in many techniques, like hybrid picking, chicken pickin, 'thumb strum' (a la Wes Montgomery), etc. There is no right answer and no two players are the same. For soloing in metal/hard rock, sure anchor[s] away, as it does make palm muting easier.

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        I anchor sometimes usually when my hand needs balance or there is a pause in playing. If anchoring doesn't feel right my hand stops touching the guitar.

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      Have you tried the thumb muting technique?


      You mute the strings that are not being played with the thumb, and when you relax the hand you do it over on the thumb, not the palm. Done it for a year and it works great. 


      As with anchoring the hand it is not really neccecary. You let the fingers rest on the other strings, and just glide over them. That helps keep the hand relaxed, and it helps muting string noice.


      Hope this helps