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  • "Simple" guitar mod

    I have 2 Dean Vendetta XM's that I use for gigging. The natural wood one is my main guitar and the transparent black one is my backup. I got the black one at GC a few years ago for $80 and discovered that the tone control was inoperative. Since I rarely use the tone control anyway, preferring to alter my sound by changing pickups, it was no big deal.

    Now that I'm retired and have lots of free time, I decided to mod the guitar to eliminate the one volume control/three way switch configuration and make it into a guitar that has two volume controls (one for each pickup, obviously) and that's it. No toggle switch, no tone control.

    I can handle a soldering gun, but it took me a couple of trys to figure out how to rewire the thing. I finally finished it yesterday and am really happy with the ease of use and the nearly infinite variety of sounds. Makes me wonder why more guitars don't offer the option to mesh the volume of separate pickups.

    I'd post a picture, but I'm on my iPad and haven't yet figured out how to do it from here, if it's even possible.
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      most standard 2v+2t with the toggle set to the middle position does that for does the Gretsch set up with a master volume...

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        2V1T is the way my Agile Harm is wired. Works great!