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What is the worst thing you ever hit with your car?

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  • What is the worst thing you ever hit with your car?

    I plowed into a skunk and I had to cut the fender and fenderwell off the car and drive around without it while it soaked in a big bucket of apple juice for a month

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    If I hit this forum re-design with my car, then it would be the worst thing.


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      I almost hit a moose, once.:mansurprised:

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    I hit a racoon once. :-( Narrowly missed a skunk once too. I was always paranoid about deer when I used to go fishing in the early hours back in Canada, but never had one jump out in front.


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      A riverbed with the roof of my car.

      Fortunately I can swim.

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      • happy hours
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        A telephone pole, it was in the middle of a really long double driveway and I backed into it in my van that had no back windows.Worse thing was I had gathered a good head of steam up before finding it. GGGGRRRRR

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      Not the worst thing I've struck with the car but I remember driving on a back road up near Murwillumbah which is in a fairly tropical area.

      I saw a small snake on the road and it wiggled until it's head was behind a small leafy twig on the road.

      I ran over it, didn't mean too but it was a bit too long. Noticed in the review mirror it was jumping around.

      I've seen the same thing before, a snake thinks if it can't see you then it thinks you can't see it. I passed by a red belly black snake near my home maybe a meter away and it never moved.

      Anyway I've always felt bad about that little snake hiding behind the twig.


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        Scrubby wrote:


        who comes up with those names?

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      I hit a family dog one time, a few blocks from my house.  Luckily (for me)  they weren't home.  I dragged him into their driveway and left an apologetic note.  Not sure why he wasn't tied up.

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        Cherri! You found us! YAY!