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So.... Seriously, what happened here? Classifieds, OJ etc.....


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  • So.... Seriously, what happened here? Classifieds, OJ etc.....

    okay guys...... I haven't been back because of some life stuff that I'm currently dealing with but.......... judging by my registration / post count I'm not whining for the sake of whining..... Just been lurking the past few weeks again and it's really seemed a LARGE amount users that were pissed with the format change a while ago hurt the flow of things.


      It use to be every time someone posted gear there were trades gallore, comments offering cash now etc etc.... now half of the topics I see don't even have responses... what gives?

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    I play Marshalls.

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    The website outgrew its platform, tried an upgrade which totally failed, went back to the old one, tried another, which a lot of people don't like, and which still has some big issues, like the worst emoticons ever.  :robotfrustrated:

    Any big change is likely to turn some people off.  Around here, it's a science.



    No offense intended, but (see above) . . .

    Old is the new new.

    I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.
    -Dorothy Parker


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      That is it pretty much in a nutshell. In GC's defense, many of the people who gave the green light when we jumped onto this platform are now MIA/off the project. Once again, the mods, who got an early look, were over-ruled. The serious error on the latest permutation was the 'early jump', (because apparently our server space allocation was way over its limit-an educated guess based on the symptoms and the end result), we were still in the preparation and discussion stages when we went live, hence the really bizarre changeover.

      This isn't really a bad platform, its just not designed for what we do here; certainly it is way better than the Jive platform they went to in 2010 with disastrous results.

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    Well I'm a pretty new guy around here so I don't guess I was around in what a lot of you folks consider the "Good Old Days". 

    I have some fun here. I don't post a lot, nor or my posts Kudo magnets..But enjoy reading others posts, have found a lot of new music and talented people. Gotten a lot of cool links too. Plus Craig Anderton, whom is one of my heroes, lurks around quite a bit

    I think it's a pretty cool place....But I wonder...If I think it's cool now...It was like way cooler?

    Ok if yall say so....But other than this whole double post glitch I see in a lot of the forums here...I'm havin' a pretty good time.