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  • In fond memory of a legend

    most guitarists are unaware that Johnny wrote this in the early 50s, recording it for an album released in '54. When the Ventures released their cover of it as 'Walk Don't Run, '64'...most people even then had forgotten who wrote it.

    Smith passed away recently, and his legacy should not be overlooked.

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    Sad to hear of his passing. I'm a huge fan. I bought his self titled album of about 1968 on a whim - mainly because of the guitar on the album cover. I hadn't heard of him then but I was getting into jazz guitar at the time.

    The vinyl eventually pretty much wore out - and was also badly affected when some beer found its way into my album collection and a mould grew all over it - but about 10 years ago I was able to get a copy via a friend who tracked down a copy at a brazillian online record store! The miracles of the intrawebz.. I discovered some of his catalogue is still available on CD and was able to get the Walk Don't Run and Moonlight in Vermont albums from a download service whose billing system didn't work so I got them for free (more wonders of the intrawebz).

    As the old joke goes - "I'd give my right arm to be able play like him".



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      I have a few of his songs I've collected over the an age of so many amazing post war musicians, he was kind of lost in the shuffle a little bit, which was a travesty, IMHO.

      Curiosity got to me, and I found a 1958 recording of W,DR! by Chet...painfully amazing. I'm willing to bet he made enough off of licencing/royalties from W,DR!64 to retire in style.