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  • Help with learning Piano.

    I have decided recently to learn to play Piano. I have messed around on pianos and keyboards over there years here and there, but have no training of any kind and couldn't even tell you a single chord. So I am truly a beginner, albeit one with some small amount of practical knowledge of piano basics. I was looking for advice from some of you on a good online source of lessons. Free would be best but I am fine spending money if it's worth it.  I did Google this but to be honest there are THOUSANDS of these sites and I have no frame of reference.  Can't tell the good from the bad. I know there are many multi-instrumentalists here on the forums with me and was hoping someone had a suggestion of where best to start. I would prefer to play by ear(as I do guitar and bass) but I don't know how practical that is for piano. Perhaps it would be better to learn to read sheet music as I go? I just have no idea. So some general advice would be appreciated. 




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    If you understand the basic principles of music(notes, scales, chord structure, etc.) then piano is actually much easier to visualize. Esentially, a chord is a chord. You play the same notes of the triad on a piano as you would on a guitar. I taught myself the basics on both piano and guitar after brief explanations by friends, never real lessons until I was in community college here in LA (almost free :smiley-music022:) where I took Piano I and II, [both of which I aced], and then a number of music classes culminating with Advanced Harmony/Counterpoint and Musicianship.

    Due to an eye problem (floaters), I don't sight read/play anymore, [which Is why I had to give up studio work in the mid 90s) as I can't trust what I think I see on the sheet [especialy dotted notes, 16ths...), so I work mainly by ear, but it makes a huge difference having the ability to apply theory to what I hear.

    I rarely play keys anymore, [my ex got my piano... :smiley-angry002:]but have recently pulled out an old Casio '44' and a stand, just to make me feel guilty.

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      there's other posts like this in keyboards forum... i started to learn at about age 50... not easy, but if you start weekly lessons with an instructor, you will learn basics, fingering, using both hands, and how to read music.  I couldn't take it (Silent Night and all the other beginner stuff).  I got into learning chords and scales with new music, fake book songs ( lyrics and chords).  Look up chordpro format stuff on the internet (like fake book) and play along with songs you like... that's what I do now.  I got a dad-band going and we feature many keyboard-related songs, so I am forced to learn key parts and play them well.  Practice with easy songs, challenge yourself with harder ones, lookup on YouTube the techniques you want to learn.  But, it all still goes back to learning beginning skills with both hands and reading music.  I can play many rock songs really well, but can't play well with both hands or read/play music worth a crap.

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        There is also " The Piano Guy"  I used to see him on TV and found the show to be fascinating.

        If I ever want to learn piano this is what I'll look into.

        He does not teach classical piano but instead how to have fun playing piano