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What do you mean 'Over-the-top'?

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  • What do you mean 'Over-the-top'?

    The girls are cute...it's the drummer you have to keep an eye on...

    https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=562041587180687&set=vb.556199411098238 &type=2&theater

    I think I did a casual with this same guy once...of course, he was behind me, so I could be mistaken...

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    :smiley-music016:  Can we upgrade the emoticon to match? 

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      That's just sad... How could anyone be that clueless?


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        He's just taking his showmanship to the next level.



        The same level Gilbert Godfried took his stand-up routine to, I think ... 1" id="smiley-1" src="https://guitarcenter.i.lithium.com/html/images/emoticons/smiley-1.gif" alt=":smiley-1:" title="" />

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          Stringman said it best...he did it his way...

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        Apparently his way involves massive amounts of stimulants!


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          Regardless of being clueless. on drugs and wearing awful yellow jackets.  This to me is incrediably funny.  Thank you for posting I needed to laugh out loud.

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            Ah...those crazy Thais.