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  • Code trash

    DM, what's all that code s$%t appearing on some on my photo uploads and links? I can't delete it.

    NOTE: The absence of smilies in this post should not be taken to mean that I think your post is stupid, nor that I loath, despise, or hate you; nor that I disrespect you and all your works; nor that I see you as victim or lawful prey; nor think you have the intellect of half a loaf of bread; nor that I find you disgusting or unworthy or otherwise hate your behavior, opinions, politics, gender, sexual orientation, culture, ethnic background or language.

    F*** 'em if they can't take a joke!

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    Bob .. This may be the cause of your code trash :



    It relates to the use of the FoxLingo extension in Firefox. Does that fit your case?


    (I love a good mystery )



    • Smilin' Bob
      Smilin' Bob commented
      Editing a comment

      Thanks Force!


      I do have Foxlingo (useful for translating Chinese stuff). I'll disable it and restart sometime today and see if that makes a difference.