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Best psychedelic blues guitarist/solo

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  • Best psychedelic blues guitarist/solo

    Who is the best psychedelic blues guitar player or what is the best psychedelic blues ? Besides Hendrix.

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    Frank Marino (Mahogany Rush) or Randy California (Spirit/Kaptain Kopter and the Twirly Birds)...Robin Trower...

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      Several Hendrix songs spring to mind.


      • daddymack
        daddymack commented
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        he said 'besides Hendrix'...please keep up with therest of the class :smileylol:

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      hahaha - how did I miss that?


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        Guthrie Govan does some incredible psychedelic blues too.


        • Professor Tom
          Professor Tom commented
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          I got to go with Randy California on this one, he was a fabulous player.

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        Nod for david gilmour, cream era clapton, beck whenever, and joe bonamanassamassanama.


        • Smilin' Bob
          Smilin' Bob commented
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          James Gurley, Big Brother and the Holding Company, wasn't maybe the best, but he and his Big Bro mates were certainly pioneers in psychedelic music. As you may know, Big Brotherhttp://www.harmonycentral.com/ was together before Janis and had a different sound after she joined - they had to support her, whereas before the were much more "free."

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        I don't really care but nuthin to do. Here's my vote.



        Best solo: same guy, same band, same tune; studio version.



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        • daddymack
          daddymack commented
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          took a while to find one that was a 'blues'...but if not pschedelic, then just mind-blowing...Allan Holdsworth, live...if you have never seen him...you should, just to be made to feel totaly musically inadequate

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        Lots of great players in this thread.  But, how about some more modern guys?



        Check out more of his stuff if you like Trower, Hendrix, Marino, etc.  EG is one of the best modern players.



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          great thread... here to learn in my battle for evermore knowledge


          • #10

            I am thinking Jefferson Airplane and Craig Chaqicso and Whitwe Rabbit.

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            • daddymack
              daddymack commented
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              except the original was Jorma Kaukonen, and it isn't a blues...but thanks for contributing.

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