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  • New Amp Day-ZT Lunchbox

    I managed to find a great deal on a used ZT Lunchbox guitar amp...$150 for one in "pretty good" condition. It arrived today and looks pretty good, as advertised; just a few minor dents on the corners.

    I plugged it in and fired it up and it is loud and clean, just like it's supposed to be. I have no idea if it can really hold its own in a live band setting, but I'll find out this weekend since I'm doing two fraternal order gigs...Oldies/classic rock trio at the Elks Lodge Friday, and 4-piece classic rock and country at the VFW on Saturday.

    Anybody else own one of these? Have you used it at a gig?

    I'm thinking of coming up with an extension cab. Something small, with a 10" speaker that is 8 ohms and can handle the 200 watts the ZT supposedly puts out. Anybody have any suggestions?
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    Where does it fall tonally - Fender, Marshal, Vox, etc?

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      A couple of years back, when I did the side gig with Stringman, he ran two ZTs...they don't sound like anything, they are, if anything at all, just super clean solidstate amps. The 200W thing is, well, just a number when you are talking about solid state amps...they struck me as being no louder than the Blues Junior I was using...and I don't know of many 10" speakers with good efficiency (a must with solid state) that will handle 200w...check the Webber site...Jensen too.